Crazy Rich Asians?! Singapore Airlines New Suite Class Experience

“Crazy Rich Asians” is such a cultural phenomenon that even its fictitious First Class movie scenes captures the world’s hearts when we lust for ultra-luxurious travels.

Crazy Rich Asians (film) | Warner Bros Pictures

(I would hear people say….)

“Oh man, I wish I can travel like Rachel Chu & Nick Young…”

“If only airlines like the movie really exists…”

Dare I say guys…. real life is even better 😉 And you don’t have to own the whole country of Singapore to travel like the way they do.

To this day, I still remember my very first Singapore Suite Class flight with Miki & Paul. Regardless of how many First Class flights we had, that experience was indeed special. It’s the flight that started it all. The inspiration behind Chai Bear World!

Singapore Airlines Suite Class (2007 product) 🙂 the flight that started it all

Thus, you can imagine the level of excitement years later when we’re finally back in Singapore with Chloe to experience their brand new A380 Suite Class! And the journey begins the moment we step out our taxi as it pulls up to the private entrance terminal in Changi International Airport.

Changi International Airport Singapore Airlines Private Entrance

Like the valet in Lufthansa First Class Terminal, it feels like you arrive at a five star hotel. Everything from the design of the place to the intimate service from the staff makes you forget you’re even at an airport.

lobby entrance
check-in lounge

For those that are familiar traveling anywhere with a baby, you guys know that luggages are a humongous task. Packing light is never an option. Thus, having all the luggages taken care of for you was very appreciated. I don’t think we even lifted a muscle.

feels just like a hotel

Exclusively for First Class passengers, there’s a separate immigration and customs line (that’s always empty). As you leave the check-in lounge, you approach security through this long empty hallway that’s gorgeously decorated with orchid plants.

separate hallway/line for immigration & customs

Within minutes, we arrive at the SilverKris lounge for our journey into the Singapore Airline’s Private Room. It’s a special check-in experience where you get escorted pass Business Class lounge…. pass First Class lounge…. into one of the most limited access lounges in Asia.

friendly smiles

With each passage, we received nothing but smiles from the wonderful Singapore Airlines staff.

from start to finish
private entrance

The escort ends with us being seated in the empty dining restaurant in the lounge. Immediately, a well-dressed waiter comes and offers us a high chair for Chloe, glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, Perrier, and a double pour of Dom Pérignon

Private Dining Room

Now that’s what I call a great start to an awesome 7:42AM brunch 😉

Chloe, don’t judge

People with children and babies can relate that dining out is like a Mission Impossible movie. The meal… should you choose to accept it… will be unpredictable in noise with 98.56% chance of mess.

With the whole restaurant to ourselves, it was a rare first time in not being afraid of disturbing other patrons. There’s so much space that even Paul’s backpack & carry-on has its own table.


After the delicious lavish meal, Chloe starts to get sleepy. Did you know there’s a privacy room just for babies?! So for Chloe, she’s even more fancy… another private room within “The Private Room” lounge.

Chloe’s Private Room

While she sleeps, we all have time to relax and roam around the lounge for a bit. Miki orders another round of dim sum for brunch while doing a video chat with her sister.

small dining area next to the baby room

Curiously, we briefly check out the First Class lounge outside, which looks nice as well.

Mr. Chai, your private buggy transfer is ready to take you guys to your plane.

The hassle-free journey continues and we get another lonnng escort service from the Private Room to our transportation service to the flight.

private buggy transfer escort

Like Thai Airway’s First Class Arrival Service, this perk is much appreciated especially when you’re carrying a baby.


nice perk especially with a baby on board

Now this is it… the moment is here. Time to enter the brand new Singapore Airlines Suite Class!

Since the suites on this aircraft are so big, we didn’t even bother requesting the “bassinet” 1F Suite seat. Instead we opt for Suite 1A and Suite 2A. Yeah… we have a feeling Chloe would be just fine without it 😉


Singapore Suite Class cabin entrance

Good morning Mr. Chai, welcome aboard

Welcome Aboard!

It’s not often we get this giddy stepping onto a plane, so it’s exciting to see all our eyes (except Chloe) wide in amazement as we get welcomed into this aircraft.

Chloe on the other hand, only got excited when our leading stewardess gifted her first Singapore Airlines baby teddy bear…

teddy bear priorities

Shortly after, the flight manager comes out and welcomes us with a glass of vintage Krug 2004 champagne. Its prestige and tastes surely matches the caliber of this aircraft.

champagne priorities
Again Chloe, don’t judge!

Suite 1A is the exact mirror image of Suite 2A. With the partition open, Miki & Paul is free to toss Chloe back and forth like a Super Bowl football.

Suite 1A

Or Paul can walk back to Suite 2A (yes there’s THAT much space) to take a happy family photo together!

Suite 2A

As we prepare for take-off, Paul checks out the monitors, seat controls, and headphones. The HD screen size is the biggest monitor we’ve ever seen on an aircraft. For sure, it’s bigger than all our computers at home!

super wide-screen monitors
seat gadgets

To maximize space for Chloe, the Singapore Airlines stewardesses prepare the bed for the flight. It’s exciting to see this bedroom being prepared 40,000ft in the sky.

the process looks like an art

Can you believe this is on a plane?!

Singapore Airlines New Suite Class

This whole space is BIGGER than Etihad Airway’s Apartment. They should just call this product Singapore Airlines Residence Class.

Chloe didn’t even think she was flying. She probably thought she was at home somewhere rolling/playing around in her new bed.

She feels…
right at home

Since Chloe was nowhere near sleepy, our flight stewardess offered us to dine separately, so one of us can take care of her while the other one dines. Apologies for no presentable food pictures… flying with babies tends to make food pics difficult 😛

dinner & movie in the sky

In the middle of our multi-course meals, Chloe got hungry too.

Chloe’s dinner

While daddy dines, Miki & Chloe decides to brush up in the bathroom, which features a vanity room (to do your hair, put on/takeoff makeup, etc.)

Singapore Airlines bathroom

Although the mirror is a little too tall for her, she certainly approves the space/design. The only thing this bathroom is missing is a shower room like Emirates!

vanity area in bathroom

Since I’m such a generous loving bear, I decide to babysit for Miki & Paul. She loves me and her new Singapore bear so much, that she nighty nights for the flight. Yeah… I’m just that good.

what can I say, I’m a baby whisperer

Finally, I get to play with the suite’s touchscreen tablet, which also serves as a remote control for our monitors… (yay)

finally, time to myself

Good night world…

Sweet dreams…


Hours later, Miki & Chloe wakes up.

good morning!

Yes, looks like a very verrrrrrrrry good sleep.


Chloe continues to be obsessed with her new teddy bear. In fact, one of my favorite moments of Chloe & Paul is when they’re playing with this baby bear near the end of the flight.

This type of dad & daughter flight interactions is simply not possible on any other airlines in the world.


Before landing, our flight stewardess read Paul’s mind and brought out the bottle of Dom Pérignon 2009 and Krug 2004.

Would you like one more glass of each before landing?

It’s entertaining to see how much champagne Paul drank for the flight…. looks like Krug 2004 wins in being the most empty 😉


I’m going to say it. This is the world’s best First Class flight.


From the moment we arrive at Changi airport, Singapore Airlines did an amazing seamless job in making our journey one of the most unforgettable travel experiences. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s better than the fictitious flight in the “Crazy Rich Asians” movie.

It feels genuine…. feels personal…. over-the-top…. yet intimate all at the same time.

The amount of real estate in your suites alone makes it so mind-boggling that you still think about this flight even months after you get off this A380 aircraft.

It’s a flight you’ll always remember. Hands down, the most luxurious experience in commercial aviation for families.

Meter - Singapore Airlines


  1. Great review! It made me giddy, as I’ve flown Suites Class, but not the new one! This is the best review I’ve read of the new product. Nice work. And agreed, it’s too bad there’s not a shower—but it’s still such a lovely space.


    1. @TravelingWherever Thanks! Appreciate the compliments. It’s such a surreal experience that we couldn’t help documenting the whole journey as best as we can. Such a rare opportunity, you have to try it.

      Liked by 1 person

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