Sleeping in? Best Designer First Class Pajamas for Long Flights

Happy New Year everyone! There’s so much exciting content I want to share with you guys, but today we’ll start off with something light-hearted and fun.


Since the inception of Chai Bear World, Paul has been bothering me in wanting to pose as a model for this site. I figure, since our sleeping wardrobe consists of collecting First Class pajamas… this is a win-win opportunity to share our personal opinions in rating our top five favorite designer sleepwear for First Class flights.



#5: Lufthansa Airline


Comfortable. Sleek. Preppy.  This German fashion company Van Laack is partner with this European airline in offering all First Class passengers a long-sleeve polo-style poppable collar shirt and a cotton trouser.


rubber ducky not included



On a lie-flat bed (or carpet), you’ll feel as hip as the Lufthansa rubber ducky, which is only available at the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt, Germany.




#4: Singapore Airlines


Regardless if you’re flying on the original Singapore Suites or its new First Class or its brand spanking new Suite Class, its First Class pajamas are all soft, warm, and comfortable. If available, always request their limited edition pajama bears, which is a great complement in snuggling with you for that good night sleep.


the pajama Singapore bear ❤



#3: All Nippon Airways


Konichiwa. On so many levels, Japan does everything so well and its detail in its pajamas are no exception. Its sleepwear has some of the best fabrics that last for many washes. Plus for winter season, it even offers a fashionable jacket to give you that extra warmth.


ANA winter jacket included for its First Class sleepwear


Look how “cool” Paul is…. it definitely ensures him a more pleasant long-haul journey for his frequent travels.



#2: Japan Airlines


It’s no surprise that two Japanese Airlines are on this list. On rare occasions, the airline offers ultra-premium partner amenities for a limited time. For our previous Japan Airlines First Class flight, we got extremely lucky and was offered Porsche Design amenities including its sleepwear.


Porsche Design sunglasses not included



Like the car, the Porsche Design is very sleek in its black-tone fashionable yet super comfortable combination. Paul feels like a German/Japanese businessman ready to conquer the sleeping world.



#1: Cathay Pacific


To me, the true mark of the best-quality set of airline pajamas is how often you end up wearing it when the journey is over. And indeed, this is hands down the most frequent pajamas we use for our sleep attire.


Exclusively tailored by PYE, this First Class Sleep Suit is by far the most fashionable and comfortable sleepwear in the sky.


SUIT UP, it’s time to sleep


From the sexy Cathay Pacific labeled buttons on the shirt to the double-sided collar on the neck top, this garment definitely enhances the flying experience for First Class passengers.


Who says we need to take off our suit to sleep… pfft suit up! Always in allllll ways.



Well there you have it, our personal top five in our favorite First Class pajamas. Yes I know, sleepwear is definitely not the most important topic in rating a First Class flight, but stylish pajamas offerings is sure a cherry on top for that perfect long-haul journey!


In the end, it’s challenging to make a pajama look good, but these designers successfully transforms the fashion in making sleep feel indeed…. First Class 😉

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