Singapore Suite Class

The absolute opposite of ordinary is the best way to describe what I feel right now. I’m a little speechless and enchanted — somewhat lost in a state of trance. Here I am, sitting on the 103rd floor at the extravagant Ritz Carlton Hong Kong typing on what I just experienced 10 hours ago: The Singapore Airline’s award-winning international Suite Class.

I like to give special thanks to travel gurus like Ben Schlappig (OMAAT), Brian Kelly (TPG), and Derek Low (blogger) for the inspiration of this trip. Their ultra-luxurious adventures keeps me constantly curious and desire in something new in my travels. 



It’s 5:15AM on a misty April in Singapore, yep, we barely slept. We are way too excited for today. “Let’s go to the airport early!” said no one ever. As a matter of fact, Miki and I are notorious for being the last ones at the airport. But for the very first time in our travel routine history, we head directly to Singapore International Airport to check-in super early.


Check In



As the door opens, we step into the check-in lounge. No lines, no hassle, no wait. Are we at an airport anymore??? This feels like a 5-star hotel. As a bellhop and security attendant assist our luggages, a front desk clerk greets us with a warm smile — “Welcome to Singapore Airlines”


Check In


If this is a yelp rating, I already give it 10,000 bonus stars. It’s amazing how many people it takes to assist two people into the airport. In mere minutes, the security escorts us thru customs. From there, a concierge guides us into the SilverKris airport lounge.

She smiles (everyone smiles a lot), “This way”


The Private Room


The room is pretty empty. Quiet… almost too quiet. Meh, It’s ok though, we don’t mind. A waiter comes, “Mr. Chai, would you like to see the breakfast menu this morning?”

I notice the table setting, napkins, and silverware. Are we at a restaurant now??? Wow, the flight hasn’t even started yet!

“I’ll have the Eggs Benedict and Beef Noodle Brisket Soup”

Miki, still looking like a child in Disneyland says, “I’ll have the Dim Sum and Wonton!”


Private Room Menu


Nom nom nom. Time for our flight!

“Welcome aboard Mr. Chai”
“Welcome aboard Mrs. Chai”


Suite Cabin


Just when you think I can wipe off my big smile, the suite flight attendant asks, “Would you like a drink before we take off?”

I’ve been waiting for this moment, “Yes I’ll have champagne”

“Would you like our Dom Perignon or Krug Cuvee”

I can’t help but smirk, “I’ll have the Dom Perignon. Every 10 minutes, please come back with another”

He laughs, “Certainly sir”


Dom Perignon


The cruising altitude beeps within the Suite Cabin. This flight is already happening too fast!

“Mr. Chai, you ‘Book the Cook’ (Yoshihiro Murata) for the Wagyu yes?”

“Mrs. Chai, you ‘Book the Cook’ (Alfred Portale) for the Lobster yes?”


Let’s rewind a little bit. Months before this flight, Singapore Airlines gave us the option to “Book the Cook”. The international selection is quite extensive (Western, Chinese, Japanese, Singaporean, Malay, Thai, Indian) Naturally to maximize value, I chose the King of the Land and Miki chose the Queen of the Sea. 

Wagyu and Lobster



The 3rd (or 4th? or 5th?) glass of Dom pours, “Would you two like us to do the bed?”




Suite Life




Sigh. Within minutes, this happened. 


Miki Sleeping



Alright Dom, it’s just you and me buddy. 

Hour passes, Miki finally wakes up. Why would you sleep. Why why why why WHY.

We decide to temporarily leave our Suite and have the crew give us a tour of the plane. Business cabins are located in the upper decks while Ecos in the lower. We also learn that the side suites are all empty so we took the liberty to experience other seats within our own cabin for fun. Tour guides for planes. It’s certainly weird being on this side of travel life. 


Suite Tour



When luxury is as stratospheric as our cruising altitude, time will literally FLYYYYY. Before we knew, the captain informs us that it’s time for the bed to go bye bye. It’s time to land. 


suite ending



As I try to absorb all the moments that just happened, I notice a little buzz.

“Out of curiosity, how much champagne did I have?”

Our suite flight attendant smiles, “Almost a bottle Mr. Chai”

HA HA. We’re smiling again.



Bye Singapore


Loyalty truly pays off. With proper research and patience, anyone can experience Suite Class in the sky. As a child, I never imagine having a flying experience like this. Whoever says life goes downhill after 30, they are clearly wrong — life only gets better from here. 

What’s next? I don’t know. 

But it’s been a privilege getting a taste of what it’s like to live the everyday uber lifestyle of the 1% of the 1% — even if it’s for a fleeting moment.

What a sweet suite life.  


Meter - Singapore Airlines

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