Singapore The Private Room

Sadly, Singapore Airlines (for better or for worse) finally announced their devaluations for all their award flights. With their new Suite Class coming this year, it makes sense that they plan to make it even harder and more inaccessible for people to experience their ultra-premium products.

Sigh, the double-edged sword of spreading the travel love. We share our best moments for everyone to learn & experience, but at a cost of a shrinking market for this industry.


Happy 10 year anniversary to Singapore Suite Class!



That being said, to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Singapore Suite Class, we’ll now share more details about one of the most exclusive airline lounges in the world: Singapore The Private Room. 







No partner airlines, no status, no cards, no payments, and no elite members get you access into this lounge… this place is meant for only Singapore Airlines Suite passengers.

I have to admit. I’m not the type of bear that falls into the “aura” of VIPs and exclusivity. But even for me, over half of the lounge experience is the whole process of being escorted in 😉


Paul looks like a little boy ready to go to Disneyland


After the Porter services like Etihad First Apartment Class of checking in your luggage, you get personally directed through a private immigration entrance only to be escorted more into the SilverKris Lounge.


From there, a reception staff member scans your boarding pass and slowly guides you pass the Business Class lounge.


the journey into The Private Room



Is the journey done yet? Nope! As if the Business Class lounge isn’t “fancy” enough, we get handed off again to the receptionists in First Class to escort us even further.


They gently smile, “Welcome, this way.” 


Ah, the First Class Lounge… we must be done now yeah? Nope! Guess this area isn’t “private” enough.


Wow. Passing Business Class…. passing First Class… we slowly continue our passage in. From what seems like an eternity, we finally arrive into our unoccupied sanctuary: Singapore The Private Room. 


The Private Room by Singapore Airlines



That’s right, this place is literally a lounge within a lounge WITHIN another lounge. This must be what celebrities and CEOs feel like everyday. Since their lives are so public, they crave unnecessary private places like this to hideout from the world. Ironically, the privacy for me is almost too intimidating since there is not a single soul inside this place.



Living Room


We wait in the living room while everyone prepares the dining table for Miki & Paul. Want to check the forecasts around the world? Let’s see, weather is cold in Berlin… hm, Johannesburg is a lot warmer!


“Mr. and Mrs. Chai, your tables are ready” 


Three dining tables for… two?!



“What drinks would you like today for breakfast?” 

Miki & Paul were very tempted to order champagne… but wanting to save room for some Dom Pérignon and Krug on their flights, they decided to opt for some fresh orange juice and brewed tea instead.



Can you see the excitement in their eyes



“Hungry? What dishes would you like today for breakfast” 



From the classic Fresh Eggs, to the Dim Sum Delights, following the Wanton Mee, to the Eggs Benedict, pairing with the Beef Brisket Noodle, finishing up with some Fish Congee… it was a gastronomic delight sampling practically everything on the menu.



an amazing complimentary breakfast



Just like the Singapore Suite Class, time flew by way too fast. Before we knew, it was time to leave this lounge to board our flight.


Useful tip: if your gate is far away, you can request for an airport golf cart to take you directly to your gate (since Miki & Paul ate way too much, they decided to opt for a leisurely walk instead) 



Until next time, Singapore Airlines



Overall, the Private Room is one of the most over-the-top experiences for exclusivity. Just the fact that it’s a lounge within a lounge within another lounge makes Business Class seem like an “economical” way to travel.

That being said, the amenities pales to other First Class lounges around the world especially when compared to Sydney Qantas First + Etihad First Class Lounge & Spa + Cathay Pacific First. (no massages… no spas… no gyms… no shower suites… no nanny rooms… etc.)

Still, with the dining and customer service being so customized & personal, it’s hard to be overly critical about this lounge. It was still super fun pretending to be a VIP celebrity… sigh, now time to go back into the public & join the rest of the world.


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