EVA Air Taipei Infinity Lounge

Taiwan has a wealth of options when it comes to airlines transiting here. As a general rule of thumb, it’s usually smarter to use the airline’s hub if you want to maximize your travel ground experiences at the airport.


Welcome to EVA Airways


In addition to China Airlines, EVA Air is the other Taiwanese carrier that flies to/from Taipei with nonstop destinations all over the world. This airline is known for its special partnership with Sanrio so its welcome terminal has the cutest check-in kiosk area!


Sanrio check-in before security


While EVA’s Royal Laurel Class doesn’t provide any departure services, the best type of welcomes (and goodbyes…) are with your loving friends.


For instance, on one of Paul’s brief layovers, his Taiwan companions from around the world were kind enough to accompany him alllll the way to the airport for goodbye! Pfft lucky guy, now that’s what I call a perfect Valentine’s date 😉 




First Class goodbyes



Inside the departure terminal, there are plenty of signage that directs you upstairs to EVA Air’s four premium lounges.

  1. The Garden, which is for EVA Air’s MileageLands Diamond cardholders
  2. The Star, which is for Star Alliance Gold frequent flyers not flying in business class
  3. The Club, which is for EVA Silver-tier members
  4. And finally today we’ll talk about The Infinity, which is for passengers flying EVA’s Royal Laurel & Star Alliance’s First and Business Class.


Whew that was a mouthful of access polices rules

Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2



The entrance is very…. bright & blue


front entrance


Inside there are friendly EVA attendants that will guide you through where to go. As you proceed to the main lobby, there are two corridors on the left and right.


If you’re not flying Business Class but have Star Alliance Gold Status, you will go left into the “Star Lounge”

If you’re flying First or Business Class, you will turn right into the “Infinity Lounge”





Right when you enter, there are plenty of seats to relax & lounge.


front lounge area



Every time I’m here though, I have mixed feelings about the funky decor. With all the neon blue lights inside, I always feel like I’m in a weird blend of movie scenes from Avatar and Tron.


back lounge area


Do you guys agree?!





The foods (like most international lounges) are quite on point though. They have delicious dim sums and pork baos in the kitchen area.



pork baos


dim sums



And if needed, there are decent shower rooms with L’Occitane amenities available if you like to freshen up before your flight.



shower room


Overall, EVA Air’s Infinity is a decent Business Class lounge. While it’s not a place I would arrive hours earlier into the airport for, it’s still comfortable to visit if you happen to have a little time to explore in this departure Terminal 2 area.


Now in terms of the decor, I much prefer China Airline’s Dynasty Lounge in Terminal 1, which has an oriental aesthetics feel in its design. In my personal opinion, it immerses the passengers into a much more cultural & serene experience.




I really want to press “Like” for EVA Airways though! But sorry, in terms of your lounges… I’m going to swipe right to China Airlines instead.


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