Lufthansa First Class Terminal Lounge

Ask any travel bloggers their favorite airline lounge in the world and odds are Lufthansa First Class Terminal is near the top of the list. Simply put, this place defines how privacy, luxury, and exclusivity should feel when you are about to embark on an extremely $$$$$$ flight.


Here in Germany @ Frankfurt International Airport, there’s a whole BUILDING dedicated for you.


Lufthansa First Class Terminal Lounge


Long layover? Feel like going out for a drive? Take their Porsche 911 out on the autobahn for an adrenaline rush!

If you haven’t already, check out the whole adventure here. If you’re flying from here, it’s an experience you don’t want to miss. Just remember to drive back to the terminal and return this $200,000 USD car…


do we have to return this car? 😦



Just like Singapore Private Room & Etihad First Apartment, there’s a valet service that assists you in checking-in your bags.


valet / main entrance


A “personal assistant” guides you through the private security customs and introduces the lounge.


Since it’s so big, it’s hard to capture it all in pictures, but here are a couple of shots to get an idea of what’s inside.


lounge interior (after security customs)


Pro tip, take a HOT BATH here. You’ll feel like a million bucks in their shower suites. Plus, this airline lounge gifts you….


A Lufthansa collectible rubber ducky!


collectible gift
shower suite



I feel like a kid again 🙂






Ughs, warning though, this rubber ducky gets clingy. Might follow you around wherever you go…


Excuse me Mr. Ducky, you’re in my seat…



The rubber ducky suddenly thinks he’s part of my gang, so he opted for an eggs benny breakfast with a mango smoothie & a pot of earl grey tea…


ducky taking my food…



He even went shopping without my permission for a Rimowa on my company’s tab! Ughs, can this collectible ducky go away now?


ducky is a shopaholic…



Soon after, the personal assistant notifies you that it is time to board. Looking at the bar, I take a quick sip of its champagne & sign out in their guestbook counter.


open bar


remember to sign out in their guestbook!



The personal assistant then escorts you down the elevator and a private transport fleet will be waiting for you to take you to your plane.


Sadly, there’s no Porsche 911, but it’s hard to complain at this point.


personal transport to plane



This is one of the finest examples in how First Class starts on the ground. From renting a Porsche, driving on the autobahn, having personal assistants, valet service, hot tub, a la carte restaurant, open bar, to another private transport to your plane… you truly feel like a baller celebrity with “too much money”. 




Overall, it’s a fun world to temporarily be in. It feels almost exotic because the experience is so foreign.

Don’t be sad though, the journey is just the beginning…

Your First Class flight has yet to start 😉


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