Emirates A380 First Class

Well, this is just too exciting. Along with Singapore Suites, Cathay First, and Etihad Apartments, Emirates First Class has always been an airline I always wanted to try. So obviously when the opportunity came, I jumped at it & I can’t wait to share this experience with all you guys!


If you’re traveling alone, we recommend booking either row 2 or row 3 by the windows. Personally, I feel that row 1A and 1K is a little too close to the shower spa in the cabin. Shower spa?! Yes I know, more on that later.


Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 2.40.27 PM
A380 First Class Cabin



Time to check-in!


cute A380 model plane in the back



As I step into the gorgeous A380 aircraft, I immediately notice the over-the-top bling bling bling! From the oversized leather seats, to the beverage stand, to the T.V., and to the countertops, everything in this cabin is so ridiculously bright & shiny. Geez, no wonder Paul needed to wear his sunglasses…. 😉


Welcome Aboard



Prior to departure, each crew comes and warmly introduces themselves to you. As we got comfortable for take-off, various welcome amenities are presented to you.


“Magazines Mr. Chai?”  Yes please. 

“Newspaper for the flight?”  Yes, thank you.

“Arabian Dates?”  Ummm… sure, why not. 

“Arabian Coffee?”  Yes. 


Sense a pattern to my answers? 😉


Welcome Amenities


Um. hello? Am I the only one here?! 🙂



During the flight, I start to notice just how fancy this cabin is. Every fine detail is furnished to impress.


For instance, the beverage counters rises like magic at a press of a button.





Even the vanity mirrors are illuminated.





And of course, the suite doors are automated as well.





“Hot towels for your meal Mr. Chai?”  Yes






“Would you like our fresh garlic bread to start your lunch?”  Yes.

“How about some champagne? Dom Perignon?”  YESSSSSSS


Selection of Garlic Breads
Dom Perignon Vintage 2006



Is there a way to magically be hungry again? Everything is so lavish and satisfying. Think #nomnomnom





For dessert, I decided to try the famous Hennessy Paradis. Last time in Abu Dhabi, they unfortunately ran out of this $$$$ cognac in Etihad’s First Class Lounge. Thankfully, Emirates has plenty on this flight!


By the way, this bottle can retail over $1000 USD after taxes!


Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 3.05.37 PM
Retail value $1132 USD / bottle!




Verdict? It tasted sinfully delicious.


Hennessy Paradis Rare Cognac



After the zillion course meal, we tour the aircraft while holding our champagne and cognacs for some luxe exploration. In the back of the upper deck, we discover a complimentary open bar for all Business & First Class passengers.


Everyone, meet our favorite bartenders of all time.


Happy Hour @ 40,000 ft




After my 5th glass of Dom, I think I got a little tipsy….

Oh dear, do you think she knows? Nah. Um. Yeah. Um. Oh boy.


Important First World Problems Tip: At the onboard bar, the crew pours Moët & Chandon champagne for everyone since it’s an open bar for Business Class passengers as well. Thus, if you want Dom, simply go to the First Class cabin for another refill. Of course, Moët is AWESOME as well…


Ok fine, I’m drunk.




Since the First Class is practically just us for the flight, I also decided to tour the empty suites. When traveling with a companion, I highly recommend these middle seats for the cabin. They are equally comfortable & the two suites are designed to socialize.


Touring the cabin



“Would you like us to make your bed?”  No thanks, I don’t plan to sleep. (gasp, my first no!) 😉 


“Would you like to shower then?”  um. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS


As I enter the shower spa, my jaw nearly dropped. This is by far the largest & most luxuriously designed bathroom in the sky.





It’s hard to appreciate with just pictures, but even the floor is heated!!!


Floor Temperature Control Panel


To top it off, Emirates is partnered with BVLGARI and provides all the amenities with the luxurious brand.


hello good lookin’




No matter how many times I describe it, it’s impossible to show you just how awesome showering 40,000 feet in the air feels like.

You giggle. You sing. You laugh.


Simply surreal…






Prior to landing, I decided to bid farewell to my favorite cabin crew & lovely shower attendant one last time…  😦





Simply put, this is probably the most fun I ever had on a First Class flight. The service & cabin crew had a lot to do with it. From beginning to end, they are a delight to fly with.

Though the seats are a lot smaller than Etihad Apartments, it makes up for it with flying colors thru its shower, bar, and over-the-top amenities.

Overall, this was a perfect flight. I love you Emirates & I can’t wait to see your new First Class product on your new planes in 2018.


Meter - Singapore Airlines

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