Best in the world? Qatar Airways Al Safwa First Class Lounge

Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar certainly likes to go over the top stratospheric when it comes to travel. And they don’t stop there… their lounges are so luxurious that it makes AMEX Centurion lounges look like a Priority Pass lounge.


For paid Qatar Qsuites passengers, you can access Al Safwa First for 6 hours at 600 QAR (160 USD). Since we had a 8 hr transfer, this was a great option for us instead of staying at an airport hotel.


Doha International Airport



After you pass the 6.8 million dollars teddy bear (dang, almost as expensive as me… 😉 ) , there’s an Al Safwa escalator that goes up to its entrance.



Al Safwa First Lounge entrance (from escalator)




Architecturally, this place is mind-boggling. It’s one of the best looking First Class lounges we’ve ever encountered.


look how grand this place is…
every passenger gets escorted into the lounge



As you get escorted in, you get taken away by just how high the ceiling is. This gets especially accentuated when you see a water fountain stream almost at the roof of the lounge.



that water fountain…



This lounge is extremely family friendly, which we appreciate. There’s a dedicated Parent’s Room and Nanny Room.


guess we need to fly the nannies first class too? 😀



Too bad Chloe is not here… she would’ve loved this play room!


toddler playroom



For older kids, there’s even an arcade.


arcade with playstation machines




which includes a Formula One racing machine that reminds me of the Singapore Grand Prix


Qatar F1 vehicle for video game




For long layover passengers, you can request a private hotel room like the SWISS First Class Lounge in Zurich.


private room tour #5


like a hotel room




After settling in, Miki opted to go to its restaurant to have some dinner. It constantly felt like we were the only passengers in the lounge, which was insane.



We started with a Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame champagne.





Is this business or pleasure?  I say… why not both 😉


business and pleasure



Lastly for dessert, we chose Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé before leaving this First Class sanctuary.






Overall, this First Class lounge is top-notch. Not only is this place aesthetically pleasing, but it has all the luxe amenities you would want to have for an overnight layover. It’s also rare for a lounge to have a “Parent Room”, “Nanny Room”, play room for toddlers, play room for kids, and a hotel room just for families.


Is it my personal all-time favorite First Class lounge?  Close… but no 🙂


That being said, it definitely ranks up there as a top contender to be the best First Class lounge in the world.



Meter - Singapore Airlines

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