SWISS First Class Lounge in Zürich

Today is quite exciting. I’ve been wanting to share this rare experience with you guys for quite awhile. It’s another ultra-luxurious moment that feels so surreal that you have to pinch yourself to remind you that this is reality.


Now imagine…



A hotel room next to your plane



Ok, I’ll start from the beginning.


It’s about 5:30am in the morning. We arrive at Zurich International Airport around 6:00am. The Uber ride costs about 35 CHF. Right when you enter, there’s a dedicated check-in lounge for SWISS First and HON Circle members.


SWISS First Check-in Lounge



Since our flight’s outbound was to a Schengen country (Germany), the Zurich Airport assigns the departure from Terminal A. Nevertheless, this legendary “hotel room” planeside is located in Terminal E where the long-haul flights usually depart.


Terminal E is a satellite concourse



Thus, immediately upon checking in to Terminal A lounge, we opt for a transfer to Terminal E first to check it out. For First Class passengers, SWISS offers a complimentary transfer from Terminal A to E!


Yes, you can take a train transfer from A to E, but where’s the fun in that 😀 


SWISS First Mercedes transfer


Later spotted, SWISS First Mercedes transfer from our plane



I realize this is being too nit-picky, but unlike Lufthansa’s First Class lounge in Munich, the slight downside to this service is that the car only takes you to the main concourse area — not directly to the front of the lounge.


No big deal, but couldn’t help compare the two Star Alliance airlines.


Concourse E



After an elevator up, we check-in to SWISS First Class lounge and my goodness — it is soooooo SWISS pretty.


SWISS First Lounge in Terminal E





The main entrance features a glass wine cellar that any wine aficionado would drool over. The rest of the lounge’s design feels like an intimate living room with ample amount of seating by the glass panels.







Now the moment I’ve been waiting for… 


“Hi, I was wondering if any of the day rooms are available?”


“Why yes, we have the St. Moritz suite available if you like”


“YES, of course. Thanks very much.”



St. Moritz



As I take a long nap on the bed, Paul opts to freshen up before breakfast. Inside the shower suite, there are two SWISS First Class amenity kits — a first for a lounge!


SWISS First amenity kits





Just make sure you close the shower curtains! Unless you want to give a special show for everyone on a SWISS plane outside your room 😉


before / after




There is no limitation in how long you can stay in this suite, which is AWESOME. With this sensor key, you can come in and out of this room for as long as you like.


room key



While I napped, Paul decided to try their a la carte restaurant in the lounge, which had ample seating.


dining area



















Afterwards, Paul ordered a cappuccino






And sipped it in our room to take in some amazing aviation views. If you love planes, watch the whole clip below to enjoy a SWISS plane taking off.





I’ve visited a lot of posh lounges over the years and I can confidently say that this is up there in being one of the world’s best. Having your own hotel room planeside definitely takes the cake in making it one of the most epic experiences for aviation lovers.


If you ever have the opportunity, I highly highly recommend reserving a whole day here at the St. Moritz suite.



Meter - Singapore Airlines

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