Roundtrip Luxury High in Qatar Airways Qsuites LAX-DOH

I’m sure you already know from our previous post in how excited we were about this flight. Since its launch, we’ve been wanting to experience this highly acclaimed product and the opportunity finally came. Today, we’ll see if flying Qatar Qsuites LAX-DOH roundtrip lived up to its hype!





How to Book


Since Qatar is part of the OneWorld network, the easiest way for you to fly this too is to use American Airlines miles. From U.S. – Middle East zone, AA charges only 70k miles one way — hence 140k miles roundtrip. Since LAX is on the West Coast, it’s quite a steal since the flight takes longer to cross the Atlantic!


70k AA miles one-way



Another way is to simply find a good cash rate. Typically, a roundtrip fare with Qsuites costs around $5000 USD, which is a lot better value than the obscenely expensive $10,000 USD flight with American Airlines.


50% of the cost… twice as better than AA





For this segment, we strategically opt for 1A. This seat is usually “locked” until check-in, but you can preemptively request it by calling Qatar Airways in Doha. When the airline gave Miki this seat, she was as happy as a Rosé 😉


Qatar Qsuites 1A



Not all seats are created equal and it holds especially true on Qatar Qsuites. At the windows, all odd numbers rows have true window seats while even rows have seats facing the aisle. The advantage to the odd number rows is more privacy since it’s facing inside the cabin rather than out.


Also, the middle suites every odd row can be converted into a bed and if you’re traveling with 3 people… the odd/even rows can be combined into a QUAD suite.






Welcome Aboard



Space for unlimited selfies…





A privacy door to close your Qsuite





And recline up/down all day long 😉






The food overall was edible. Not bad, but not memorable too…


The service and presentation though was top-notch.




Seafood course






Afterwards, the flight attendant assisted in converting the seat into a bed.





And with classic Miki style, she slept for over 9+ hours…..


good night



To the point that the flight attendant had to wake her up for breakfast before landing!


wake up like this








Soooo on the way back, we decided to gamble a little bit. Since we already experienced Qatar Qsuite in 1A, we wanted to test our luck to see if we can get a double bed with just one seat.


The way we did it was we selected the last row of Business Class at 11E. 24 hours before the flight, our odds were looking good.




Or so we thought….


Unfortunately within hours, the cabin went from half empty to a FULL flight. Thus, Miki could not experience the double bed for the flight back 😦


Time to use the hot towels and amenity kits to wipe away the Seat 11E tears…






Though the gamble did not pay off, life in a single bed is not too bad  😉


single bed life…



Overall, Qatar Qsuites lived up to its hype. Though our gamble on the return segment did not pay off, it was a pleasure experiencing over 30+ hours with the Qsuites product. Simply put, Qsuites is First Class in a Business real estate. A near-perfect option to fly long-haul to/from the Middle East.


Anyone want to join us next time? 😉  Let’s do the QUAD together


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