Success again! Europe trip for (almost) free thanks to flight delay

Flight delays and cancellation are always a pain in the a$$ especially when it’s not your fault. Similar to last time, Miki & Paul’s parents flew from Europe back to LAX and their flight got delay due to technical fault in Vienna. Consequently, it made them miss their international connection from Warsaw Poland back to Los Angeles USA.





This forced the parents to be stuck in Vienna Austria for an extra night, which affected everyone’s work schedule the next day. On the plus side, they got to enjoy one more day of international travel at the hills with the Sound of Music.





The next day, they connected in Warsaw Poland, which is home to LOT Polish Airline. For Business Class Star Alliance passengers, there is a lounge right after customs.


LOT Polish Airline lounge entrance
Business Class lounge




Within the Business Class lounge, there is a hidden Elite Club Lounge that is access to only HON Circle, Star Alliance Gold, and First Class international passengers. For example if you’re flying Lufthansa First Class, you have access.


Lounge within a lounge — Elite Club Lounge
better food + more privacy



After a long flight home, we helped our parents contact the airline since this flight delay qualifies for Flight Compensation Regulation EC 261/2004.


Every airline makes it complicated and take a long time to process, so it’s painstaking annoying to go thru. For instance, LOT airline replies in Polish, but thanks to google translate, we were able to do email exchanges successfully…





After a couple months, this came to our parents inbox…




600 Euros (EUR) per passenger — a Europe trip for (almost) free

1327.60 USD (600 euros per passenger)

Travel can be stressful, but knowing your passenger rights in situations like these can help alleviate the pain when things don’t go according to plan. Overall, we’re happy that we were able to help our parents with LOT Airline.


Aren’t they lucky to have Chai Bear World 😉



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