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Shortcut to Marriott Lifetime Platinum Status without a single hotel stay

As explained in this post, Marriott Lifetime Platinum status is extremely hard to earn. For most of us, it’s impossible to attain it unless you travel on a frequent basis for over 10 years.


Today, I’ll share a hidden secret that offers a backdoor to this status that made our whole family Marriott Bonvoy Platinum status without a single hotel stay. The secret lies in its vacation club program called Club Points.


Marriott Vacation Club Newport Coast Villas Orange County


A little known fact about the Club Points program is that you can leverage your annual club points to Marriott Bonvoy status. If you’re “Owner” status, you’re automatically granted Marriott Rewards Gold.


Things get really interesting after that… with “Select” and “Executive” ownership, you get matched w/ Marriott Rewards Platinum.


And for the super ballers out there… with “Presidential” and “Chairman’s Club” ownership, you get matched w/ Marriott Rewards Platinum Premier (a.k.a. Titanium).

Notice the last row of perks for MVC owners?



To make a complicated story short, we helped our family this year merge all their timeshare accounts so the system recognizes us at “Select” status.


4470 Club Points total annually



Couple weeks later, this happened to their Marriott Bonvoy accounts! And yes… this is without a single hotel stay this year 😉


left: Platinum Elite w/o stay | right: MVC Orlando at Walt Disney World



Overall, timeshare ownership is one of the most convoluted rewards program made for a niche demographic. Most owners don’t even know how to take advantage of what the program can offer, which is why timeshare often gets a bad rep.


For me, I find the convolution fascinating. It’s like a complicated puzzle that unravels into limitless rewards when you finally understand the potential spectrum of the program. Now thanks to Club Points, our family can get lifetime benefits such as suite upgrades, 4:00pm late check out, and complimentary breakfast in any Marriott properties around the world.


I understand that most timeshare ownership information(s) can be quite overwhelming. So if you want more assistance, just send me an inquiry and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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