Veuve Clicquot Solaire Exhibition

Culture exhibitions that market brands can be quite ingenious. Following Louis Vuitton’s event couple years ago, Veuve Clicquot is doing a pop-up at Rodeo Drive featuring champagne galore and taking you on a fun journey thru its history.

People under 21 years old is not allowed. Chloe sure seems quite excited about not being allowed in… guess she’s not too into museums yet 😛

Here’s a quick picture summary of what the visit is like.

La Grande Dame

fun fact: EVA Air Royal Laurel serves this champagne — probably the best bubbles in the sky for business class passengers in the industry. Plus if you’re in the Hello Kitty jet, it serves La Grand Rose Dame

Veuve Bar

Veuve Travel

Veuve Merchandise

Overall, this exhibition is a fun pop-up to check out. Its vibrant colors and immersive gallery gives it an entertaining sensory experience that champagne lovers for sure will appreciate. If you’re in Los Angeles, swing on by Rodeo Drive.

Now if only they had Cristal or Salon champagne from Japan Airlines… one can dream 😉

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