Louis Vuitton X Instagram Heaven

Ever since the “Ice Cream Museum” craze, I feel like Los Angeles has been a hub for social arts and culture. It’s an era of pop-up art where these places generates massive amounts of attention because it is just so awesome #forthegram


Vicky (boba girl) @ Ice Cream Museum



Louis Vuitton has continued this pop-up love affair and amped it up to a whole new level for its 160 years celebration. It’s geared towards travel, so naturally Miki & Paul was curious to check it out.


Though the room at Waldorf Astoria took forever to get ready, we were able to get a Rolls Royce chauffeur to arrive at this fancy exhibit.


Rolls Royce Phantom



Don’t get intimidated by the line. It moves very fast.


6/28/19 – 9/15/19 @ 468 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills



Bust out your camera! It is Instagram heaven in here.



LV x Art Exhibit


LV x Supreme



It’s a multi-floor complex with interesting things to read and play with. Our favorite corner is a travel book for every city L.V. is at around the world.


taking this home for our next flight!
LV travels around the world



Overall, I love the vibe of this place. It’s free to the public and it showcases the brand in a creative way that I’ve never seen before.


If you happen to be in Beverly Hills, this is a great way to kill some time before you do some shopping damage at Rodeo Drive.


never gets old


Thankfully for Paul, Miki wasn’t in the mood.



meter image_ANA

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