American Airlines Flagship Lounge New York JFK

Stepping in, I intended to only get a cappuccino to wake up on this Friday New York morning. After all, I naturally lower my expectations when I’m at an U.S. domestic lounge. To my pleasant surprise, this AA Flagship made me change my mind.

The design and amenities of this place is definitely worth showing up a little early to the airport for Business Class passengers.


For most readers, the best way to get access to American Airline Flagship Lounges is by booking a qualifying transcontinental and/or international flight. Below is the general access routes that grants access.

In our case, we were flying AA Flagship Business JFK-SNA. At times when it’s not busy, you can also purchase access for $150 USD or 15,000 AA miles.


After scanning your boarding pass on the mezzanine level, there’s a long entrance way into the lounge that features a panoramic New York skyline.

The lounge is beautifully massive with barely anyone using the space especially for a Friday morning. This could be because Flagship Lounges are more restricted in passenger access due to limited routings.

At the back end of the lounge, there’s ample pod areas for quiet space.

For a view, there’s a whole floor-to-roof glass panel with pretty views of American Airline’s JFK Terminal 8.

Brunch catering selection was out and it was surprisingly delicious.

With a Grey Goose Bloody Mary station too!

And surprisingly quite a decent bottle selections of wine.

Since I was still recovering from Oktoberfest, I decided to just get a cappuccino… sat in a lounge chair… and enjoyed the tarmac views for the rest of the time before my flight.

Overall, American Airlines Flagship in New York JFK is a fantastic lounge for Business Class passengers. Those flying transcontinental AA Business should definitely take advantage of this blissful space.

After this visit, it makes me have a strong preference to connect in JFK instead of EWR/LGA whenever I transit in New York.

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