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Ritz Carlton Residence Club® Aspen

Much like the Four Seasons Residence Club, the Ritz Carlton Residences is an ultra-luxury timeshare program where travelers purchase ownership to their portfolio properties. Initial membership fees vary drastically, but to give you an idea the equity cost is grossly unaffordable.

Sherpa Report on Ritz Carlton Destination Club ownership

Yes, that is in USD… the cost to purchase a deed directly from Ritz Carlton timeshare ranges from $100,000-$800,000! And that’s not including the annual “maintenance fees” that comes with the cost of owning the program.

Ritz Carlton Residence Club Aspen

But with patience and a sprinkle of luck, you can experience this too at a fraction of the cost.


We booked the Ritz Carlton Residence Club Aspen by leveraging Marriott Vacation Club Points. Since the two programs are partners, you can technically use MVC to redeem Ritz Carlton Club® resort properties. Like the Four Seasons Residence Club Scottsdale, it’s a much better use of MVC points since they are much nicer properties.

You can also book cash through online brokerage like Red Week where owners can list their properties. It’s kinda like Airbnb for timeshare owners. For example, here’s the list as of this winter season. Prices currently range from $2400-$14,750 USD for the stays.


Just the check-in was an experience in itself especially for Chloe. Immediately, she got a little mini gift in a Ritz Carlton bag.

For adults, we were welcomed our “home away from home” through a whiskey toast. Spoiler alert, Miki did not finish her whiskey shot

Two Bedroom Residence

Spanning over 1500+ sq-ft, this room is bigger than most people’s apartments. Unlike a typical hotel room, it has an expansive living room, full kitchen, and dining room where families can immerse themselves into living in the comfort of their own home.

such as movie night in the living room

showering in your own jacuzzi hot tub

or just simply breakfast with the family in the dining room

These are experiences that you simply can’t get in a normal hotel reservation stay.


Its prime real estate location is extremely noteworthy here for our residence connects directly to the swimming pool, hot tub, and ski lifts to the Aspen mountains.

Winter Wonderland is just steps away from your room

Imagine chilling here (pun intended) next to your fireplace watching people ski/snowboard down the Aspen mountain.

or watch from the comfort of your own bedroom window

got lucky & happened to be treated with professional athletes practicing some aerial moves right by our room.


Like most resorts, there is a Kid’s Club that families would appreciate utilizing. It’s a great way for kids and toddlers to play while parents take a break relaxing around the hotel.

For what it’s worth, there’s also a gym inside, but we don’t recommend using this amenity since…

you can go sledding instead!

After “working out”, back to the hot tub (again)!

Overall, this might just be the best timeshare property we’ve ever stayed. If you can find availability, this is a fantastic use of MVC points. Its well furnished rooms, generous amenities, and its ultra-luxe prime real estate make this an amazing vacation home.

Just note that winter times are extremely popular so booking this property can be difficult since Ritz Carlton owners tends to use their allotted deed during this season. Nevertheless if you get lucky, we highly recommend reserving this Aspen gem.

It’s a Winter Wonderland you won’t forget.


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