EVA Air Hello Kitty Special Jet in Royal Laurel Class

The reason that this flight was special is twofolds…

  1. On selected long-haul flights, there are EVA Airways jets like this that get decked out with special Sanrio amenities.
  2. For collectors, this was the last flight with EVA Airways Rimowa travel amenity kit for Royal Laurel Business Class passengers 😦


That being said, Paul was an idiot and foolishly decided to “yolo” too hard on his last night in Taiwan. So apologies in advance for the lack of content on this flight!


Chai Bear World friends at Omni Taipei



It’s 9:28am… 


Yep. Paul overslept.



Our Uber arrives at Taiwan Taoyuan Airport just minutes to 9:30am for a 10:10am departing flight. With the flight already boarding, it would take a miracle for us to make the plane.  In fact, Paul in the Uber was already browsing on his Marriott/Hilton/Hyatt apps ready to stay an extra night in Taipei.





To no surprise, the Hello Kitty check-in counter was closed


Hello Kitty check-in



We went to the empty Royal Laurel check-in counter and was informed the flight was already boarding. Initially the agent was hesitant in re-opening the check-in counter, but then saw us with only a carry-on baggage and made an exception!


fyi, this is not recommended for anyone reading this….


So no time for the Infinity Lounge — time to head straight to the gate! The agent even kind enough to print out the special Hello Kitty boarding pass for the Sanrio “Shining Star” edition plane.



love this boarding pass



Welcome aboard Mr. Chai, would you like champagne, orange juice, or water before we take-off?

top notch champagne spread



For this Hello Kitty edition flight, the champagne is the special pink Veuve La Grande Dame 2006 Rosé.


Still hungover, Paul (for the first time ever) requested Orange Juice and water instead. To this day, he is internally hating himself for turning down such a nice champagne.


Seat 9K



Everything on the flight down to the food and wine menu is decked out with Sanrio amenities.


everything Sanrio




After take-off, the meal service started. The flight attendant asked if we were sure we didn’t want the champagne.


Turning the 2006 Rosé down a second time would be a sin — so we decided to finally have a sip (or two) to pair with this wonderful meal.







There was an oriental chicken soup that reminded us of our parent’s cooking.


wholesome chicken soup with herbs



And a classic traditional meal that tasted like Taiwan


main entree



Tired and exhausted, Paul slept the entire flight.


So yeah, no more content after that food pic.


That being said, here’s the complete EVA Airways Sanrio/Rimowa museum collection!




Overall, this was a much needed peaceful flight. While I can’t say much for the service (since Paul was passed out the entire time), EVA Airways consistently delivers a great product to fly into/out of Taiwan.


For better coverage in the experience, please visit this review of EVA Airways in this link.


Sleeping for 11 hours straight… first for everything I guess.


Meter - St Regis SF

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