Crazy Rich European?! Singapore Airlines Suite Class in Germany Experience

I’m at a lost for words. This is our third time flying Suites with Singapore Airlines and each time it renders me speechless. I’m blown away and absolutely grateful that this type of experience(s) exist in commercial aviation.

  1. Singapore Airlines Original Suite Class (2015)
  2. Singapore Airlines New Suite Class (2019)

Ironically, each time I get off the plane it saddens me a little bit — for it always feel like it’ll be my last ride… since it’s so hard to book with miles


The best way to book this is with your Krisflyer miles. A fun sweet spot is that Singapore Airlines operates a 9-hour daytime flight from Frankfurt Germany to New York City.

If available, saver award tickets starts at 97,000 miles and advantage award tickets cost 143,500 miles for the one-way trip. If you want to try your luck, you can try “waitlisting”, but I personally recommend just booking it straight out since the waitlist clears pretty last minute.

Suite Selection

If you’re traveling as a family, make sure to select Suite 1A/2A or Suite 1F/2F. Like the Etihad Apartments, a really cool feature is that these two seats connect into double suite.

Since last time with Miki and Chloe we were in Suite 1A and Suite 2A, I opt to choose the right side of the aircraft for fun and selected Suite 2F for the ride.

Suite 2F


Check-in started promptly at 5:30am. For Suite Class passengers, you can take your sweet time since there’s a dedicated line just for the six passengers. Yes it was a full flight, which meant we would not have our own double suite like last time… oh the horror 😛

Unlike the Private Room in Singapore, the ground experience is just the Lufthansa Senator Lounge. With not much time to spare, I decided to wait at the gate and catch a glimpse of the plane parked during sunrise.

My goodness, the double decker A380 is always a beauty to marvel at.

At the gate, there’s also a oversized dedicated area exclusively for Suite Class passengers.


Just for fun, I boarded from the main deck instead of the upper deck. Personally, there’s nothing like rising up to the occasion thru the epic stairs and reuniting with the suites for the first time.

Welcome to Suite 2F

now for the most difficult decision of all…


We figure it be fun to do a blind-tasting champagne challenge to see

  1. Can we tell the difference between Krug and Dom?
  2. Which one is better blindfolded?!

It’s a fun little game that I recommend everyone to try. To my delight, I was surprisingly spot on. Even upon the nose, I could immediately differentiate which one it is. For wine lovers, I personally find Dom having a punchier taste to the palate while Krug has a more aromatic subtle tone to the nose with a lighter finish.

Both are exceptional champagnes, but I find myself still gravitating towards Krug! Pairing all that with a plate of caviar makes it even more special.

with unlimited assortment of bread

I got so excited in eating that I forgot to take pictures of the main course, which was a Thai inspired dish! Nevertheless, here’s a picture of the satay that came with it before I devoured it into pieces.

Singapore Airlines also offer exceptional wine. A notable one to share is the 2008 Cos D’ Estournel — a $$$$ Bordeaux wine


which complements really well with this dessert 😉

After the extravagant meal, we decided to play another game in let’s see…

How many people can we fit in Suite 2F?!

Looks like we successfully fit the entire Suite Crew: Anddy, Wenson, Shanice, JiFun, & Sunny! Yes, the suite is that big.

To top that, you can even freshen up in largest vanity bathroom in the sky — Singapore Airlines A380 bathroom.

This vanity bathroom is great especially for the ladies… or Chai Bear

Here’s the Lalique amenity kit too. We chose a female amenity kit to gift to Miki. In general, the female amenity kits tends to be more luxe than men’s too.

All freshen up now, just in time for bed

What an amazing flight. Though the ground experience prior to boarding lacks flair, this is by far the best way to fly between USA/Europe… if not the world.

Time and time again, Singapore Airlines proves to be the gold standard in what a First Class experience should be. It hits all the senses in making your 9+ hour journey across the Atlantic the best destination in the world.

To commemorate this rare moment, here’s a special feature Instagram Reel of the suite flight.

What a way to maximize memories with travel.

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