Japan Airlines First Class Lounge in Narita Tokyo

With the country limiting entries to only tour groups, one of the most vexing tease is transiting thru Narita while visiting its flagship First Class lounges. The staff, service, and the amenities almost transports you into the Tokyo metropolis. For a second, you feel like you’re in a fancy sushi restaurant in the city.


Passengers flying JAL First Class (Miki’s favorite airline) get access to the lounge with the same day boarding pass.

Luckily if you’re not flying First, you can still access this lounge if you have OneWorld Emerald status.

Sushi Restaurant

Upon entering, you are greeted by the sushi chefs. I recommend choosing a table with a view of the sushi bar.

Is this a mirage? Am I in the city? Somewhere dining in Shinjuku?

It’s only when you peer through the windows that you realize you’re still at Narita Airport.


You can also reserve a shower room, which is super refreshing before a long flight.

From the toilet to the sink to even the shower head, everything is furnished with the luxury TOTO products from Kitakyushu, Japan.

After the steaming shower, what better way to refresh yourself with its feature champagne.

It’s a Blanc de Blancs 2015 from Gusbourne — a highly rated wine that normally retails around $80 per bottle.

Overall, Japan Airlines First Class lounge in Narita is a fantastic transit option if you’re flying JAL First Class. It does a great job infusing its local culture into its space. For a second, you almost feel like you’re dining in a nice restaurant somewhere in Shinjuku Tokyo.

I feel like that’s what a lounge is suppose to be — a place where you get the allure and taste of the destination… without even leaving the airport.

Hopefully next time we’re back, we’ll be able to officially revisit this wonderful country.

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