Oktoberfest 2022

The day finally came… Oktoberfest is back! After a two year hiatus, this world famous beer festival roars back into merriment. Even though we only had a couple days, we decided to all go hardcore and fly 6000 miles to Munich, Germany to visit this bucket list destination.

Not exaggerating, we rushed to Oktoberfest on the day I landed at Munich International Airport.


Munich International Airport

When we arrived, words can’t describe how massive the beer festival is. Imagine 10x tents like this.

The girls changed into Dirndls…

The guys changed into Lederhosens…

Cheers! But wait, saner minds prevailed & we decided to eat first at one of the local restaurants next to one of the tents.

um, I know there’s only beer in this picture, but I swear a lot of Bavarian food (not pictured) came afterwards.

Thankfully, our German local friends were able to secure us a table reservation which made our tent(s) experience extremely enjoyable!

Our reservation was smack right center of the tent in the hustle & bustle of festivities.

One thing I learned about Germans… they sure can drink

Hard to keep up with them.

Overall, Oktoberfest is an embodiment of life’s celebration. Like Tomorrowland in Belgium, it is a unique festival where everyone unites purely to bond together.

Friendship and festivities like these have no miles…

No matter the distance, it’s worth going outside your comfort zone to experience a destination like this (at least) once.

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