World’s Best First Class Airlines 2021

With a glimmer of hope in travel these days, we thought it be fun to list our updated personal best First Class experiences.

This is a nod to those aspirational airlines. Note that this is purely subjective and your own experience may differ! Heck, even Miki & Paul’s personal list differs too.

But overall… here’s our top 10!

10) Korean Air First Class

This is Miki & Paul’s parents favorite First Class in the sky. It’s been years and they still talk about how amazing this airline is. Plus, you get to transit in Seoul, Korea!

The land of K-dramas… something they are obsessed about. Thank you Netflix…

Back when Chase was a partner of Korean Air mileage program, it was really easy to book it for the whole family. Now Korean Air has temporarily suspended its First Class A380 inventory. Hopefully, it’ll be back in the air soon!

9) Thai Airways A380 First Class

As mentioned in an earlier post, it’s been announced that Thai Airways First Class on the A380 will not be returning to the skies… it’s sad to see this product retire.

For arrivals, this was by far the best way to enter Thailand. First Class passengers skip thru the customs and immigration lines. Plus, you get escorted all the way to your car!

8) Lufthansa First Class

This German airline really amps up the ground experience in VIP feels. Back in the day, First Class passengers can rent a Porsche 911 and tour around the country on the autobahn BEFORE your flight.

Afterwards, you park your car at a terminal that is exclusively for First Class passengers.

And board an awesome flight.

7) Etihad Apartment

I still remember this flight vividly. At the time, it was the first product in the world that had a 1-1 config. A mini apartment in the sky! For families, booking connecting apartments is a must.

Yeah we went a little crazy with our selfie stick.

Paul still remembers the sip of this cappuccino the morning after… divine

6) Cathay First Class

This Hong Kong airline is our most frequent go-to airline when we fly to Asia. Flying it multiple times, it’s always been consistently really really good.

Like Lufthansa, it has one of the most top-notch lounges too when you arrive at their flagship lounges. One of our favorites are the private cabanas you can rent out for a private shower.

Not to mention, the airline always have an attentive entertaining crew.

5) Emirates New First Class

Some of you might wonder why this isn’t more on top of the list. After all, it is rightfully named the ‘Game Changer’. For us, its strength in how exclusive and private made it a little bit tooooo… private (if that makes any sense)

Even though you’ll feel like you’re flying in a fancy G6. For us personally, we crave the interaction between the flight crew and us for a true First Class experience. Nevertheless in a global pandemic, this is BY FAR the best way to fly.

4) All Nippon Airways First Class

Yes… we love Japan so much that we put this ABOVE Emirates Game Changer. This airline gives you a taste of Japan without even setting foot on it! It’s our second favorite omakase experience in the sky.

The Hibiki 21… the Japanese pajamas… the sake… the champagne…. all of it… very top shelf.

3) Emirates A380 First Class

Personally, this is Paul’s most fun way to fly. If you want to drink, if you want to party, if you want to make it rain (literally). This plane is IT.

Yes, it’s a little bit overly glitzy, but that’s what First Class it’s all about! It’s like you entering the Great Gatsby, a celebration in life…. a celebration in travel.

Hope to party on this plane again soon…

2) Japan Airlines First Class

Personally, this is Miki’s favorite way to fly. When it comes to Michelin omakase style, no airline in the world can beat it. Don’t underestimate this airline’s understated luxury, this airline is AMAZING to fly. It beats ANA First Class by a thin margin because of its omakase offerings. even crazier over the top services, and drinks.

Especially if you have the cabin all to yourself!

1) Singapore Airlines New Suite Class

The champion. The trophy. The title goes to…. SINGAPORE SUITE CLASS.

This suite is bigger than our old New York apartment bedroom. No joke. It’s a bedroom flying in the sky.

Like this overflowing Krug, pour me double! This is definitely a product we want to experience wayyyyy more than once.

Overall looking back, we feel very lucky to be able to appreciate so many aspirational experiences that not many people get to see ever in a lifetime. I still remember as a kid, I always wondered what it was like on the other side of the curtain. Never would we thought the wish of that life actually came true.

Looking forward as the world opens, we can’t wait to splurge and go all out to see the world again. Time to go First Class… and NOT stay home 😉

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