Lufthansa First Class Experience

Alas, the final chapter of this whole first class experience…. Lufthansa’s First Class flight. It’s astonishing how there’s so much prior luxurious affairs that leads up to this boarding plane moment.


1) Porsche Lufthansa First Class Excitement

2) Lufthansa First Class Lounge Terminal

3) Lastly, the flight itself 🙂


private transfer to plane


As your private (Mercedes or Porsche) driver opens the door, you’ll personally be escorted from the airport tarmac into a secret elevator up to your Lufthansa plane! 


To give you a general idea, this flight consists of eight First Class seats. Which one to pick? Honestly, Row 1 and Row 2 is pretty much the same experience. Plus, international First Class cabins are typically empty, so you’ll probably end up enjoying more than one seat throughout the flight anyways.


First Class Cabin seat map




This is how everyone should board… LIKE A BOSS.



Welcome Aboard


❤ empty cabins



Minutes sitting down, I hear a distant voice.

“Hot towels sir?”  (Yes… the answer is always yes.)


can you see the steam? THE STEAM


“Good morning Mr. Chai. My name is Max. My manager and myself will be assisting you on this flight”


(before I could mouth the words he smiles & psychically asks…)  

“Would you like a champagne prior to take off?” 


Yes… the answer is always YESSSSS.


Roses are red, violets are blue, champagne is awesome. & yes, so are you.




Just like any First Class flight, you are gifted with an amenity kit. For Lufthansa, it’s a La Prairie skin care package with a Braun Büffel pouch.


First Class Amenity Kit




Get ready to eat a lot.

Um. Normally, I don’t eat these foods (ex. caviar), but it’ll be a sin to say no to all these expensive offerings…


Shrimp Saffron Terrine, Caviar, Cheesecake, Garlic Bread, Smoked Salmon, Tenderloin, Potatoes, Salad, etc.



And don’t forget to pair it with the $200 Comtes Rose Champagne. Trust me, the food tastes even better with this bubbly drink.


sunglasses not included



After the meal, food coma is hitting us pretty hard, so we opted to freshen up in the restroom, change into pajamas, and get ready to sleep for the rest of the flight…


I love the bathroom decor. Toothbrush, La Prairie hand cream, lotion, shave kit, mouthwash, and for the finishing touch – a nice rose by the illuminated mirror. 


First Class Cabin bathroom



Time to get ready for bed…


privacy screen


mattress mode



With all the pretty roses on the plane, I feel like “Beauty and the Beast” is the perfect lullaby for our First Class sleep.


Movie Night


Overall, Lufthansa is probably one of the best airlines to fly TransAtlantic. Even though the seat itself isn’t industry leading, everything else internally is perfection.

Just like the movie “Beauty and the Beast”, an amazing First Class experience is not all about appearances. With the right crew, vibes, and care, you’ll find the airline to be truly beautiful inside & out.

So next time you fly to/from Europe, opt for Lufthansa.

It’ll be a timeless experience. “A Tale as Old as Time” indeed.


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