Private jet home? Japan Airlines First Class all to ourselves!

Hi guys! I’m Chloe and I am almost three years old this year! Guess what?! My “ga goo ba pa ma aHHH” turned into languages people can understand. I currently speak English, Thai, and Mandarin! It’s confusing to be trilingual…. but I’ll try my best to share my most recent plane experience!

Narita Tokyo, Japan

Mommy said Tokyo is “closed”, so we can’t go into this city this time…. but there’s a lot of yummy foods in the Japan Airlines Sakura First Class lounge! It felt like a private restaurant… only we were there!

I guess I can speak 4 languages 😀

The concierge in the lounge helped mommy out a lot. When it was time to board, she escorted us from the lounge all the way to the plane!

Mommy really appreciated it. It made her life a lot less stressful…

Konichiwa Ms. Chloe Chai, today we have an empty plane. It’ll be just you two in the First Class cabin


Can we do a second pose? I’m going to look at the windows now

Before take-off, I saw a bunch of grounded All Nippon Airways planes…. they look lonely 😦

I still remember flying ANA when I was a little baby! It was my first flight ever! Thank you ANA for the memories.

ANA grounded planes

At the horizon, mommy and I spotted a distanced Mt. Fuji. Hopefully, we’ll see Japan again soon…

It’s so nice to have a plane to ourselves. I can….

  1. Have a super duper sized seat
  2. Plus another seat to watch movie
  3. Have another seat to build toy plane and bed!

It’s like buying 3 seats for the price of one!

Orrr… I can humor mommy and do more photos!

Afterwards, the flight manager gave us a confusing menu…

Mommy’s favorite drink on JAL is their Queen of Blue Deluxe tea. It’s an ultra-premium rare Taiwanese origin tea that is only served in this airline!

She ate a lot of confusing food….

Snow Crab & Spinach

Grilled Blowfish with Yuzu Citrus & Miso

Hard Clam with Broth & Sea Urchin

Prime taro & Chrysanthemum Mullet Roe

Grilled Blowfish with Truffle Sauce

Scallop dumpling soup with Kyoto Carrot and Dashi

Lobster & White Sesame Tofu with Caviar

Free Range Duck from Yamagata Prefecture with Ishikawa Rice

For me…


crackers and milk are so much more yummier…

After eating yum yum, mommy said it was time for night night. Japan Airlines lets us custom the firmness of the mattress! Mommy usually likes mattress on “hard”.

I’m not sleepy!

I like to take mommy’s seat a lot. She didn’t like that very much, but I found it really funny.

I’m on mommy’s bed!!!!!!

Ok, never mind. I guess I got sleepy.

I feel very lucky to still fly this year… it’s so fun to see family!

Thank you Japan for dealing with my silliness and helping mommy take care of me a lot…

And thank you for taking us home 🙂

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