Goodbye Thai Airways 747 and A380 First Class…

Thailand has done a phenomenal job in controlling the global pandemic. Nevertheless, tourism (which the country’s economy depends heavily on) has been struggling to stay afloat. Thai Airways even opened a “Flight to Nowhere” Airplane Restaurant since the airline hasn’t been flying internationally for the past year.

Now Thai Airways just announced that they’ll be retiring all 747s and A380s going forward after the pandemic. Just like Singapore, this means we’ll probably never see the airline’s retro OG First Class products on those planes touch the skies again.

Today, we’ll briefly stroll down memory lane for some nostalgia and a final farewell…

In 747s, it’s the only plane in the world where the First Class passengers would sit on the nose of the plane in front of the pilots and have 4 windows for Seat 1A.

It makes dining in the sky a really cool experience…

In A380s, even though it lacks the nose and window views, the cabin is massive.

Chloe could comfortably sleep on top of Paul easily during her first trip to Thailand.

Or roll around!

Overall, it’s sad to see both the Queen and King of the skies retire from Thai Airways. Though these First Class products are not the craziest and snazziest experiences out there, we’ll always appreciate the ‘Thai Smiles’ culture (like omotenashi in Japan) services from the airline.

Thanks for the memories Thai Airways.

Kob Khun Krup.

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