Thai Airways Flight to Nowhere Airplane Restaurant

It’s beyond impressive that Thailand has been covid free for over 100+ days. Nevertheless, the strict international lockdown in Thailand comes at a high price. As you can see from our St. Regis staycation, there are virtually no tourists currently in Thailand. Consequently, Thai Airways International has suspended ALL operations thru Dec. 31, 2020 until further notice.

thai airways
Thai Airways 747 First Class 2017
Thai Airways A380 First Class 2018

Naturally, there are lots of locals (us included) that crave the allure of travel ― even if it’s just pretend. Thankfully, Thai Airways opened a special opportunity where locals have a chance to get a sample of travel in their Flight to Nowhere Airplane Restaurant at their company’s headquarters.

thai airways headquarter

At the entrance, there’s a fun vintage boarding stairs that does a nod to the old days of travel. Instead of a plane though… it’s a building 😛

Notice the airplane windows?

thai airways airplane restaurant

Silly Paul got super excited and posed as an airplane at the dining entrance…

thai airways headquarter entrance

Inside, an entourage of airline’s flight attendants welcomed us to the restaurant. On a plane, you usually only have one personal flight attendant and a manager to assist you. Here, you have an army!

thai airways flight crew
sawadee thai airways flight crew

At this event, we had the rare opportunity in having small conversations with flight attendants on their stories in what it was like to normally fly to Paris, Auckland, Beijing, Osaka, and Mumbai (just to name a few!).

Before we know it, it’s time to board! Wait… what cabin class did we purchase again?

thai airways economy airplane
uh oh, Miki disapproves 😛
Thai Airways Business Class
Ahhhhh, much better

Alright time for some Hollywood Oscar acting for First Class cabin starring Paul Chai. Screenplay by Thai Airways. 3….2……1….. ACTION!

Thai Airways First Class Conversation

After the comedy-bit, we head to the Economy Class cafeteria where the seats are converted to an eco cabin. Wait, I don’t remember the food looking this good on an airplane!

thai airways airplane restaurant

In front of us, there’s a Pilot Band that sings throwback classics.

Seriously, I don’t remember Economy Class being this entertaining.

thai airways pilot band

First Class is reservations only on the upper floors while us commoners party downstairs.

thai airways airplane restaurant

Overall, this experience has been wildly entertaining. It’s so nice that Thai Airways (like EVA and Singapore) opened this rare opportunity to provide the locals a chance to get a sample of travel.

thai airways flight crew

This is certainly an unprecedented challenging time for the airline and it brings a smile to us seeing the flight attendants still providing their friendly uplifting travel spirit to the locals here.

Service from Bangkok to Bangkok was top notch across all cabins. If you’re fortunate enough to be in this country, this is a must-visit for people wanting to sample a taste of international travel.

Now excuse me, it’s been 30 seconds of waiting ― time for another glass of Dom Pérignon and caviar 😉


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