Thai Airways B747-400 Vintage First Class

We realize we’re lucky enough to experience our fair share in the amount of times we travel internationally via First Class. Flying Singapore Suites, Cathay Pacific First, Etihad Apartments, Emirates First, Lufthansa First, and Japan Airlines First just to name a few… makes something that you usually dread (oh the no leg room horror & the endless body aches…) and magically turns it into something we look forward to (oh the bed & the nonstop #noms) in all our travels.

To this day, we still get the butterflies when we’re right about to fly First Class. So of course, the excitement in flying Thai Airways Royal First is no different.


In Suvarnabhumi (BKK) airport, there is a separate private terminal area for its First Class passengers.


BKK Airport entrance exclusive for Thai Royal First passengers



“Sawadee-krup… this way” — our escort smiles and guides us to our private check-in area.



expedited check-in



We’re literally the only passengers in this terminal! Thus, I find it hilariously unnecessary that there are so many seats available to lounge.

During check-in, the Thai staffs proactively gives us two water bottles & magazines as they prepare our luggage. A nice touch.


the oversized check-in lounge



As we finish check-in, our escort grabs our carry-on and further guides us into a private security and customs area.


this certainly feels like royalty…



The staff to passenger ratio is off the charts… 


expedited security & customs



After going through security & customs, another flight staff greets us and offers a private transportation to our plane. Because… walking is just too unbearable? 😉 

Of course if you have a couple hours to spare, make sure to take advantage of the Thai Airways Royal Orchid First Class Lounge & Spa (review here).


private transportation to First Class lounge & plane




This plane is the rare Boeing 747. Nearing its retirement, this “Queen of the Skies” plane is famous for its double-decker configuration where the First Class passengers are in the nose of the plane in front of the captain.



Welcome Aboard



I highly recommend booking 1A and/or 1K where the throne seats faces the front of the plane for complete privacy.

Not that I need more room, but the seats are slightly smaller than the First Class seats I’m normally accustomed to. That being said, it still reclines fully flat so I can sleep after my five-course meal.


Seat 1A



Other seats lacked our 1A / 1K privacy since it is an open “throne-seating” configuration. And unlike Cathay First Class where it’s just six seats, the design of this plane has ten…

Luckily, we pretty much have all the seats to ourselves so feeling claustrophobic is not an issue…


First Class cabin




I love empty cabins. We can play musical chairs as often as we want. Just for fun, here’s what the other seats would’ve felt like. Notice the lack of privacy? This is why we recommend the first row.





Throughout the flight, the staff spoils us with delicious luxe eats and drinks.


Dom Perignon Vintage 2006? Yes, we’ll drink the whole bottle. 

Johnnie Walker Blue Label? Um, we won’t finish that… but we’ll have the bottle for the picture. 


As I get ready to take the insta-worthy pic, another flight attendant proactively puts an additional cognac bottle. For the gram…. for the gram. 


Dom Dom Dom all day Dom



The main course is preceded by a bread basket and appetizers and then followed with numerous classic Thai dishes paired with some tea.


too much food…



Ignore the pitiful T.V. screen and just enjoy the yummy dessert. Watching movies on First Class is overrated anyways?





As the flight staff prepares our bed for the night, we decided to tour our empty cabin one more time…


First Class cabin from the back @ night



Good night world. A beautiful sunset with a four window view.





Flying First Class often is a double-edged sword. Our elevated experiences comes at a consequence of future soaring expectations.

Naturally, with so many First Class products that takes our experiences out of the stratosphere, I would have to fairly say that Thai Airways Royal First Class was slightly underwhelming.

Overall, the service from beginning to end was superb (especially with an empty cabin), but no matter how good it was, the product itself (though rare) felt dated — which made it feel like we didn’t get the “bang for the buck” value.

In my opinion, there is no bad First Class, but if I’m paying so many miles or $$$$ to fly it… my jaws better always drop in amazement.

That’s not too much to ask. Yeah? 


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