End of an era… farewell Singapore A380 Original Suite Class

Singapore Airlines announced that they’re eliminating all Suite Class availabilities (including cash) until late 2021. After that, the future Suite fleet (whenever they return) will consist of just twelve A380 planes. And the biggest news… the twelve planes will only feature the new Suite Class — which Chloe loves.

Even though Singapore’s new bedroom in the sky is out of this world, we can’t help but look back on what fueled our travel “points collector” rituals on that once upon a time day… our very 1st international First Class experience on the original “old” Suite Class.

Today we’ll feature some pictures and videos that has never been shared before for some throwback nostalgia.

Singapore Airlines Original A380 Suite Class

Miki’s hilarious first “orange juice glass reaction” on a Suite Class plane…

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Welcome Aboard
is that orange juice… in a glass?!
Welcome aboard Singapore Airlines Suite Class

+ her first lobster on a plane

Singapore Airlines Book the Cook Lobster Thermidor

And her first date on a plane 😉

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Date Night

Paul, on the other hand was more primal minded… he enjoyed his

First time sitting on top of the stairs on a double decker plane.

Singapore Airlines Suite Class A380

Or on top of the bed 38,000 ft in the sky

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Bed

And join the Mile High Club

(just kidding… 😀 )
Mile High Club

Overall, it’s a bittersweet ending for the farewell of the original Suite Class. In many ways, this 2007 product is what started it all for airlines in creating mega bedroom experiences for First Class passengers in the sky.

In this age where we focus on “quicker” and “trendier” things, remembering distant past experiences like this is like collecting a vintage romantic story — the passion that started Chai Bear World in maximizing memories around the globe.

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