Travel is a Privilege… never take it for granted

This year puts a perspective on many things. While life is on pause, it’s refreshing to see people shift priorities to simple necessities and time with their loved ones. For us, it also reminds us that we should always appreciate travel and never take it for granted. Not too long ago, we could just hop on a plane to New York to reunite with the TPG travel family for 48 hours. The Instagram stories below that Icona Pop and Brian Kelly shared together with everyone seems unthinkable now… :/


Icona Pop


Brian Kelly



I’ve been doing a lot of plane watching lately. Whether it be a private JetSuite plane, Alaska, Southwest, United, or American… these birds are so rare now that it’s bittersweet to see some of them in the sky.


The Delta plane that landed behind me reminds me of our first Delta One transcontinental flight years ago. And of course, Porsches planeside will always take me back to the days of Frankfurt Germany where Lufthansa First Class passengers used to have the opportunity to rent one to drive on the autobahn before their flight out.





Will travel be ever the same?



Call me an optimist, but I truly believe travel will eventually come back roaring louder than ever before! Like all matters, everything takes time. For now, this is the best opportunity for all of us to restart and refresh into something new. It’s about time public health and climate change be put on top of our priority list.


Yay for Earth!


Sydney, Australia



Eventually, we’ll look back at 2019-2020 like how we reflect on the Pan Am days of travel…. with bittersweet nostalgia 🙂


any readers remember the 1970s?



Overall, 2020 shows how interconnected the world is. With our families and friends so diverse & spread out around the world, it’s comforting to know that even though we can’t fly right now, we have the technology and means to connect with just a click of a button.


It’s a small world after all ❤


Any questions of this ever-changing landscape of travel, feel free to reach us for complimentary consultation services at  


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