Pan Am Experience w/ The Points Guy

The world burst into colors in the 1970s – goodbye black suits, hello pastel color; goodbye monochrome, hello… kodak-chrome!

Airlines were also captured by this new spirit. By the time Pan Am took the skies, vibrant colors and flamboyant luxury in planes were the new norm. In fact, Hollywood films like “Catch me if You Can” & “The Wolf of Wall Street” loves exemplifying this era.


catch me if you can
Catch me if you Can / Pan Am flight scene


These movies were filmed in a Boeing 747 studio near the private airport of Van Nuys, Los Angeles. Usually to attend a dinner event here, the price to book the seats in the plane are outrageously expensive.


pan am experience
Dinner for 2 starting at $475-$875 USD !


Hence, when Brian Kelly (The Points Guy) decided to host a charity event here to celebrate aviation travel, it was hard to say no!


Photo May 16, 10 38 40 PM
main studio entrance
Photo May 16, 10 49 08 PM
Brian Kelly
Photo May 16, 10 39 49 PM
outside of Pan Am plane


Upon entering, you immediately feel that the place pays homage to the 1970s world. The decor, ambiance, music, and staff are all fun reminiscence of the tonality of that era. 


It’s like we’re really checking into a Pan Am flight!


picking up our boarding pass



Like a First Class flight, all the invited passengers are ushered with a welcome champagne and little bites before “take-off”.









There are no caviars and Dom Pérignons like Singapore or Emirates at this event, but hey… it’s hard to complain at this point 😉


friendly flight attendants in the Pan Am sky



In the Pan Am lounge, there’s a generous open bar & and DJ spinning in the decks. Wow, United, American, and Delta… are you taking notes? 


Pan Am lounge w/ open bar & DJ



And open seatings including (gasp) economy class!


Photo May 16, 10 47 17 PM
is that Paul Chai in a middle seat?!



Of course, the star of the party was the Boeing 747 and we were fortunate enough to sample all the cabins. 


Photo May 16, 10 48 31 PM
Clipper Class



Clipper class kinda reminds me of an Amtrak Business Class seat where the cabin have the passengers face each other in a configuration of fours.


Photo May 16, 10 59 34 PM
Clipper Class configuration



In the First Class cabin, Miki & Paul turned on their snobby mode… (smh)


Photo May 16, 10 52 40 PM
it’s fun to pretend sometimes…



Of course, a 747 tour is not a complete visit without seeing the upper deck. Like the original Pan Am flight, behind the cockpit as you go upstairs is the fancy Upper Cabin Class.


Photo May 16, 10 51 32 PM
going up the stairs in the Boeing 747
Photo May 16, 10 50 34 PM
Upper Class



Um question… do you trust Miki to be your pilot?! 


Photo May 16, 10 50 58 PM



During our flight, look who we ran into at the galley. Hm, wonder what cabin class he’s traveling in 😉


Photo May 16, 10 49 48 PM
w/ host Brian Kelly



As we finish our amazing Boeing 747 flight, we go back to the baggage claim to pick up our fancy luggage.


Miki doesn’t travel light…


Goodbye Pan Am, we salute you.


Photo May 16, 10 53 21 PM


Overall this was a superb aviation night. With the travel industry evolving so rapidly in these recent years, it’s always fun and nostalgic to go back to the roots in what flying used to be… a beacon of escape in luxury & fashion for destinations around the world.

This event also came at an interesting time for Miki & Paul… for they recently became parents! It was mommy & daddy’s first date night and what better way to celebrate travel in looking at the past and the future in their lives 🙂

People say the golden age of travel is behind us… but I say the essence & core of it never changed. The identity of luxe travel is as high gear as ever and we can’t wait to experience more in the years to come!


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