I’m turning 2 years old! Waah, is this my last fancy flight with Mommy?

Hi guys! Can you believe it’s been a year since my 1st birthday?! Since then, I’ve been laughing, screaming, and running everywhere. Since Chai Bear has been busy taking care of me, I’ll translate my screams today and share my last fancy flight to Thailand (months ago) during the New Year! 



When I travel internationally, I don’t pack light. I hope that doesn’t bother mommy and daddy too much, who usually flies with only a carry-on… 😛


LAX check-in




It’s so nice to be at LAX Qantas First Class lounge again! They have a lot of yummy food, but they don’t have much milk options for babies at the bar….



LAX Qantas First Class lounge




For some reason, mommy liked the bar though and kept on gobbling this weird drink with bubbles before the flight….





It’s so nice to be back on Cathay Pacific! For this 13 hour flight, mommy sat across from me at row 19 on the left side of the plane.


19A & 19D



Usually mommy prefers this window seat, but I want it too…. soooooo…. too bad!









Mommy looked at the menu for me, but I wasn’t too hungry.


newly designed Cathay Pacific menu



I love flying because this is the only time in the world that mommy lets me look at an iPad! The screen is smaller than the airplane’s, but it has more cartoons that I like to watch 🙂


shhh is mommy watching me?




In Hong Kong, we re-visited The Pier First Class lounge. It’s so nice to be back! Last year, I was plane watching with mommy and daddy in the Day Suites here…


Hold on mommy, this cartoon episode is almost done


The Pier HKG First Class lounge



Mommy got a massage. Why do adults enjoy this? Am I stressing mommy out? 


The Pier Spa Service Suites




After the massage, we check-in at the The Pier First Class restaurant for some amazing food. Mommy is drinking the weird bubbles again…


The Pier First Class dining




While mommy eats her meal, I decided to snack next to her. I like Cathay Pacific’s noodles a lot!






I love visiting Thailand because I get to play with my brothers and sisters! They didn’t seem too happy when I said I had to fly back to America…






On the way back, we stopped by at the The Wing First Class lounge. There’s a special private cabana there where I get to have the most amazing shower before my flight!



The Wing First Class Private Cabana



Just for fun, I decided to sit on the right side of the plane on Row 12. Mommy got the middle seat at 12G again….  teheheh…


12G & 12K




The Cathay Pacific flight attendant poured milk into my pink sippy cup. I love how nice they are!






At night, they served me an amazing meal next to my cartoon 🙂





I got sleepy, so I went night night for the rest of the flight.


Mommy was really happy about that



you can relax now mommy, night night….



So guys, did I grow up? Did I change much this past year?


I don’t know, everyone says the world is changing, but I feel the same 🙂


Overall, these past 2 years as an infant has been amazing with mommy and daddy, but now the airlines will charge full price on all my future flights 😦


I have an important big question….




I know I’m a big girl now. I know I should earn my own miles to redeem my own fancy flights…. buttttttt…..





I promise I’ll behave. I promise I won’t cry (too much).


Let’s fly like this forever pleaseeeeee.


I’m good company!






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