Inside Look at the TPG Awards 2019

It felt like the Oscars. AV geeks, influencers, celebrities along with bank/hotel/airline execs, and the TPG team themselves were all here in New York to celebrate the global phenomenon in our miles and points world.


TPG Award




Once upon a time, The Points Guy was actually just a Google Form. From 2007-2010, Miki and Paul were just lowly intern students trying to get by in Philly/New York. Back then, they found reward programs enticing since it felt like another form of “currency”. Any redemptions through points felt baller — even on a small propeller plane on U.S. Airways from PHL-ITH….


02/19/2008… anyone remember the U.S. Airways days? 😉



Then in 2010, TPG (along with other bloggers) helped the community through their “underground” posts/meetups. Who knew a decade later, our travels would become something like this?! 


chai bear world



This year, we had the honor to be invited to attend the TPG Awards 2019. It was an absolute thrill to see everyone again!


Like the Oscars… red carpet entrance!



TPG rented out the entire The Intrepid Air and Space Museum — a fitting venue since the place is decked out with retro planes.


wowwww… anyone home?
The Intrepid Air and Space Museum


love the decor



The whole museum transformed into a travel gala where TPG honors loyalty programs and announced this year’s credit card winners like the AMEX Business Platinum Card.



Award Ceremony
AMEX Business
And the winner is….


AMEX Business Platinum Card! (bonus: METAL SUIT for TPG)



The award ceremony ended with Carly Rae Jepsen surprising everyone on stage for a private concert!



Carly Rae Jepsen!




Hey Carly, I know I just met you and this might sound crazy… but here’s my instagram @chaibearworld, so DM me maybe?! 😉


I’ll take that shout as a yes  😉




Of course, it’s not a TPG event without an all-out after party!



Chai Bear World friends!


TPG London Team




Icona Pop gave a First Class set for the private after-party



kisses and love from Icona Pop



Overall, this was an incredible night. Say what you want about him, but I think it’s personally amazing how much The Points Guy almost single handedly transformed an underground industry into this global mainstream phenomenon in less than 10 years.





Do I miss the past travel culture days?  Yes. 

Do I miss the cheap redemption points days before all the airline/credit card/hotel industries caught on to us? Yes (those were the days…) 

Do I like what travel is now then? Absolutely yes too!


2019 is just the beginning. Thank you so much Brian for having us…. cheers to another 10 years of travel.



Meter - Singapore Airlines

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