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One Day in Monaco

If there’s a country that makes you feel poor, it’s this one. Aside from the Vatican, Monaco is the smallest and most dense $$$$ country in the world. Every breath you take… every move you make… . and every step you take — you just see this country exude wealth.


People somehow stand taller here… people dress finer here… oh wait, that’s Miki. 


who’s that hottie?



Monaco is bordered by France with the Mediterranean Sea to its East. The hiking trails in this small country feels like straight out of a movie. It’s remarkably stunning.


Monaco hiking trails hugging the Mediterranean Sea


Monaco backdrop



In this country, yachts are like cars… it feels like almost every resident here has one.


so… much… wealth



And cars? Well… I’ve never seen so many exotic cars parked by locals like this before.


no this isn’t a car meet… just a Sunday local morning





As one of the locals drive their Porsche away, their inner thoughts is probably going…


Pfft…. tourists….


“move out of the way tourists!”



In Casino de Monte Carlo, there’s even a dress code to enter this hotel. No shorts or t-shirts allowed.


Monte Carlo “locals”
Princess of Monte Carlo



Overall, the country of Monaco is gorgeous. Like Singapore, this destination is not cheap especially during the world F1 Grand Prix. It’s a shame we only spent one day here… it’s definitely a destination I wish to revisit again.




to feel like royalties — if only for 24 hours… 😉



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