Porsche Lufthansa First Class on the Autobahn in Germany

Ever since we completed the Porsche Autobahn Experience in Los Angeles, the trip to Germany for the legendary autobahn was an inevitable goal.


Porsche Experience in LA



Thus, when Lufthansa & Porsche offers its First Class passengers the chance to experience it when in transit, the answer is a loud resounding YES.


you can reserve online or in-person with a personal assistant at the First Class Lounge.



“Here you go Mr. Chai.”  

(as we leave, the manager smiles & adds)

“Do enjoy the Autobahn” 


Paul fidgets with his new keys. He walks back and forth checking out his new Porsche 911 4S convertible. He feels his heart racing as he opens the front trunk of this beast.




You can still smell the fresh scent. Only 6615km (4130 miles) in this ride! We start the ignition and the engine ROARS to life.


For your convenience, the car already have some pre-programed routes set up in the navigation. For this journey, we chose the Rheingau Route.


Rheingau Route






On this picturesque route, you go west through the countryside and have breathtaking views of the German city.

When you’re behind the wheel of a Porsche, time and space are defined somewhat differently. Time flies. You go from point A to point B in a blink of an eye.

It’s just too much adrenaline. Too much fun.




Of course, not all highways are without speed limits. For instance, this road’s speed limit is 70km/h… so don’t go blasting over 200 km/h here! Luckily, the car’s navigation system also conveniently alerts you when there’s a speed limit too.


A must-see destination along this route is Johannisberg Estate. It’s a gorgeous vineyard with views of the German countryside.


Johannisberg Estate


gorgeous views



As we tour the estate, a local gentleman kindly asks,

“Can I take a picture with your car?” 

(your car? sigh, if only this was true… it’s ok, let’s live this fantasy for a little bit. Paul unlocks the car for him and grins…)

“YES of course” 


so this is what a celebrity feels like…




As Paul drives for hours passionately through the roads, he decides to pull over one more time along the Rhine River.

He looks around and takes a deep breath. What a perfect moment.





As we drive back into the airport, we arrive at Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal (in-depth review here) to drop off the car.


time to return the car… 😦



The valet graciously helps us with our luggage and we decide to take a picture with this beautiful beast one last time…


Lufthansa First Class Terminal Lounge (valet entrance)



What a First Class experience. And the lounge and flight hasn’t even started yet! 

Overall, this rare opportunity is a definite MUST (esp. for car enthusiasts) to take advantage of if you’re ever flying in Lufthansa First Class from Germany. The freedom of ground clearance on the Autobahn makes this adventure feel like you’re already flying to your next destination!

Thanks for the adrenaline rush Lufthansa. Simply bear-tasticly amazing.


Meter - Singapore Airlines

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  1. I love cars, especially fast cars, and fast driving. Unfortunately, I have not enough money to buy fast car, but on German “autobahnen” I drove nearly fast with my ordinary car. How fast, You can find a photo about it among my photos:

    About me.

    Happy and safe ravels.


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