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I’m ready to fly fancy! Should I use my miles for Business or First Class?

Here’s a food for thought,


Should I fly Business or First Class for my 1st premium flight?!

left: China Airlines Business Class | right: Singapore Airlines New Suite Class


It’s a common question we get regularly, so I figure I share my thoughts on this one. Of course, this is entirely subjective and just from my perspective. There is no right or wrong answer to this question.


But in short — if you want to enter the fancy world of flying — your first premium flight should definitely be Business Class.  People always get surprised when we say this…


For those not wondering, you can stop reading now. But for those curious, here are some thoughts in why you shouldn’t go all out on your first flight!



1) You’ll appreciate the little things…


we get a mirror?!


Cathay Pacific was Paul’s first Business Class. On that flight, a simple 2×6 vanity mirror kept him entertained for half+ hour…



we get a screen?!


Or the time we gifted Tony his first AA TransAtlantic Business Class flight — observing his sheer enjoyment across the aisle dabbling with the touchscreen(s) was entertainment in itself.



2) Perspective on real estate…


If you’ve been flying like this your whole life…


massage asap…



Wouldn’t this Business Class on Emirates be already amazing?!


Emirates Business Class



Plus, you get the same perks as Emirates First Class in terms of accessing its awesome sky bar lounge.



Emirates A380 Sky Lounge



3) Premium flights are more expensive now…


Devaluations in loyalty programs are inevitable. From 2006 to now, I’ve seen programs increase redemptions rate as much as +100% for its First Class….


So why spend all that hard earned miles you spent years in collecting and redeeming it just for one flight?


flying will never be the same again…


It’ll forever ruin your travel expectations when you suddenly get a bedroom in the sky.



4) Business Class these days are already really good…


Airlines like EVA serve top shelf champagnes.


Veuve La Grande Dame



Easier to talk to your companion too 😉


Korean Air Prestige Class



5) Your future First Class flight(s) will be that much more exciting


Japan Airlines First Class お任せ Experience


Like Miki always say…

the flight is as exciting as the destination


It’s a true treat… worth the wait 😉


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