Singapore’s Jewel at Changi – World’s Best Airport

Believe the hype. This airport is a destination in itself. And the Jewel, Singapore’s newest $1.3 BILLION dollars expansion at Changi secures this place as the world’s best airport for (probably) eternity.


Since this place is before airside, we took time to visit an airport (for the first time ever) without a boarding pass to check out some of the interesting features of this one-of-a-kind utopian complex.


It’s a simple 25-30 SGD taxi/uber ride from the city.


uber/taxi drop-off across from Terminal 1




From the moment you step in, it’s an overwhelming experience. This place is MASSIVE. You constantly have to remind yourself that you’re at an airport and not at a fancy mall.


everyone, “wowwww….”



And in the center of this fanciness is the world’s largest indoor waterfall surrounded by an indoor forest. To add this awesomeness, all the water is harvested from the rain in Singapore and recirculated everyday in this indoor dome.


America… shame on you for not being this green. 





At the rooftop, there’s a canopy park that is full of entertainment.


what pose should we do guys?






If posing for pictures is not enough for you, there’s an indoor mirror maze for kids.


and adults…



An obstacle course overlooking the Jewel.


walking over an airport



And a DIN TAI FUNG restaurant to satisfy your xiao long bao cravings.


Remember guys, we’re still at an airport. 


Din Tai Fung… at an AIRPORT




If your flight got significantly delayed, no big deal guys — there’s an IMAX theatre for you to pass some time.





And airline customer service areas to help accommodate for a faster check-in.


Shame on you LAX…


you can early check-in to your flight at Jewel



What?! Your flight is cancelled? No worries, there’s a hotel here too.






Before you call it a night, make sure to go back to the waterfall to checkout its illuminated rain vortex light show.



The Jewel at night



Overall, this place is an architectural marvel inside out. Singapore’s ecosystem in investing so much in its travel by adding this tropical paradise gives it a special environment for all visitors around the world.




For frequent travelers, the Jewel in my opinion can be a standalone attraction in itself. An airport worth flying across the Pacific Ocean for.



Meter - Singapore Airlines

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