Cathay Pacific Business Class

The perfect flight leaves you with a new perspective and connects you to experiences you wouldn’t encounter anywhere else. In fact to this day, I still remember our very first international flight (back in 2011) on Cathay Pacific Business Class flying transpacific to Hong Kong. Like an eye-opening morning coffee, it’s an addicting experience that you’ll constantly come back for more… and more… and more



Throwback to… 1st time flying international Business Class!



All business seats are pretty much created equal on this Boeing 777-300ER. It’s just a matter of preference. Miki, for instance, favors window seats on the right side of the aircraft.



Business Class cabin & seat



Important travel tip: I recommend to everyone, who’s never flown premium internationally to always ALWAYS fly Business prior to trying First Class.


Why? In many ways, you’ll appreciate all the little details and experiences.


1) For instance, the first time you discover you have your own personal vanity mirror… mirror!


“hello, good lookin’ 😉 “



2) To the first time you realize there are such things as complimentary amenity kits AND noise-canceling headphones…


sunset window view included



3) And half-way through your flight, you realize your seat rises magically at a push of a button.


want to see a magic trick?



4) And wait, the food on airplanes can actually be edible? Noooooo way. 





5) To finally discovering you have space to lie down, do sit ups, AND pass out comfortably for a good night’s sleep… 


wait for it…



The experience doesn’t end there too! Imagine waking up in Hong Kong only to find a wealth of perks that comes with your Business Class ticket such as visiting Cathay Pacific’s flagship lounges.


main entrance & lobby


Remember to take advantage of its lounge’s “a la carte” option & dine on some amazing Hong Kong’s Cantonese cuisines.


The Bridge, Business Class Lounge



Lastly, after a delicious layover in Hong Kong, you are welcomed back to start this luxe experience all over again on to your next destination…


view of our plane before take-off



Overall, thinking back on all our flights with Cathay Pacific, it’s hard to find real flaws in this airline. Its understated elegance and service is something that is appreciated and makes us come back to travel with them whenever we go to Asia.


Quoting Paul from Facebook, if you “make the journey as fun as the destination(s)”, you’ll fall in love with traveling no matter where in the world you go.




So where’s your next destination 😉


Meter - JW Phuket

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