American Flagship Business Class

A great way to celebrate any occasion is to do something new and unforgettable. Of course, one great way to do that is to travel internationally in style.

Today, we will share a special moment in the sky where I welcomed the whole Chai Family into American Flagship’s Business Class[hold the applause, yes I know I know… I’m such a nice bear 😉 ]


American Airlines for international travel



Over the years, it’s nice to see U.S. airlines improve drastically in their cabin and services to reach the luxe standard of proper international travel.

Best way to celebrate? With your loved ones! Thus, it’s such a rare moment when Miki & Paul decided to transform the business cabin into their own mini-family room by selecting seats all next to each other!



An epic family trip




Time to smile for the ultimate family portrait! (photo credit: a nice flight attendant)


our mini-family room for the next 10+ hours



Up until this moment, Tony (Paul’s brother) has never experienced a flight like this before.

Haha, it’s always super fun witnessing a person traveling a premium cabin for the very first time.



Tony, “Hm. I can get used to this”



You see the most innocent amazements in their eyes: the gadgets, the open bar, the movie screens, the reclining seats… nonstop playing with no sleep.



“Yep. I can do this all day and night”



It’s also nice to see Miki & Paul’s parents immensely enjoying their time throughout the flight 🙂


Dad smiling while watching his movies



While it’s not the most culinary thrill, American serves a decent prosciutto appetizer and steak dinner with a nice free flow of vintage wine & champagne.


Appetizer / Steak dinner



After dessert, Miki & Paul decided to share & cuddle in their reclining seats for fun.


Ughs, get a room you lovebirds…



Overall, American Flagship Business Class is a super solid international travel experience. Especially with 5 people, everyone gets to enjoy a good amount of time together and still gets to have some comfortable privacy throughout the 10+ hour flight.

Even though EVA Royal Laurel & China Airlines Business Class is clearly a more superior product, the fact that we’re able to experience this as one family makes this a priceless & unforgettable experience.

For those that never flew this type of cabin, this is a great starting point for anyone wanting to get a taste of what it is like to travel in style.

Thank you American. God Bless America.


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