AMEX Business Platinum ($2700 value) WeWork Global Perk

In the U.S. market, there are so many premium credit card benefits to keep track. Well known ones (that pretty much comes standard now) are Global Entry, Priority Pass lounges, and travel credit per calendar year.


That being said, each premium card has its own set of unique benefits that are not as well advertised. It’s important to take advantage of them to maximize the value of your spending in these cards.


Today we’ll talk about AMEX Business Platinum’s WeWork Global Perk for 2020. The last day to sign up is 12/31/19!


free WeWork access with AMEX Business Platinum card



To familiarize, WeWork is a commercial real estate company that does “shared workspace”. Think the work version of AirBnB.


Most of the locations are quite fancy and have a “startup” open space feel. Memberships on average start at $225 per month — hence, the $2700 perk valuation.


For instance in Orange County, here’s one of the locations near SNA (John Wayne Airport).


Boardwalk by SNA
open space work area



Every WeWork has a check-in station to verify your membership. After awhile though, the staff knows your face so most of the time scanning your card is not necessary.





How do you sign up?


1) Simply go to this link and enter your AMEX Business card number to take advantage of this benefit.





2) Within 24 hours, you get an email and confirmation in your WeWork membership.





3) That’s it. Select any WeWork locations in the world!



Like this one…


WeWork building at Irvine Spectrum Center


shared workspace



Or even this one in LONDON, United Kingdom.


WeWork Waterhouse Square in London!


U.K. style



UK people sure knows how to make work fun..






I also find it amusing that the drinking age is 18 instead of 21 at the complimentary beer station on tap 🙂


only 18+ to enjoy 😉



Overall, this is a cool offer that can be incredibly lucrative for some people. For those that don’t need this, you can still sign up for fun and take advantage of its worldwide amenities for its community perks.


For us, we sometimes use these locations to update articles on Chai Bear World. It’s a fun way to write about travel especially in an international location like London — at the same time, gaining a local perspective in how people work around the world.



meter image_ANA

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