Korean Air A330 Prestige Class

Let’s play a game first. A simple game. Ready?  Ok together, let’s briefly analyze Korean Air’s A330-300’s First and Prestige Class cabins.


Korean Air Business Class



Okie doke, now let’s compare that to the image below.


Korean Air First Class




The first time I looked at this, I had to do a double take. Am I being fooled? Is this an optical illusion? It’s like an Ebbinghaus illusion… which circle is bigger?


optical illusion, trippy isn’t it




Yep. Don’t let your brain fool ya… (like the two circles above) First and Business Class on this aircraft have the EXACT same seats.


good question




The big takeaway and tip here is that if you’re flying this specific aircraft on Korean Air, save yourself some money & never fly First Class. If you do, I guarantee you’ll be in for a big disappointment!


On the plus side if you’re flying Prestige, you can kinda say you’re flying a “miniature” First Class? After all, it’s an exact replica of the First Class cabin!


Right Chloe?! 😉 



Korean Air Prestige Class



For this flight, we opt for the first row of the Prestige cabin that has the options for bassinets.


Miki’s mom seated in 7D, which was perfect for drinking some welcome champagne taking care of Chloe.


Seat 7A, 7B, 7D, 7E all have more space/legroom for extra comfort



Service from the get-go was extremely friendly and energetic. All the flight attendants were genuinely excited to see Chloe in their Prestige Class cabin.


Might I add, they are fantastic photographers too!


Korean Air gets the most enthusiastic photographer award



For the first-half of the flight, Chloe slept soundly by Miki’s side.






Hours later though…


“I’m up!”




Just in time for bottle service.


Sorry Chloe, you’re not over 21 yet!


“bottle service? sign me up!”




“Hmph! Fine… I’ll stuff myself with bread and salad instead” 


nom nom nom



& plenty of toys to play with too!


“entertain me!”



Near the end of this intra-Asia flight, Chloe got extremely fussy and that was when the service in Korean Air really shined. Everyone would proactively entertain & take care of Chloe, which helped made our flight more stress-free.


It was much appreciated.






Overall, this was a pleasant 6-hour flight. Like ANA, it’s the people that really stands out for this airline. Though the service was not as polished and formal, the flight team was definitely one of the most approachable, out-going, and energetic crew Chloe ever interacted with.


Again if you’re flying this aircraft, don’t bother booking First Class (unless it’s the A380) since it’s the same exact seat. The Prestige Class is a fine business product that’s an enjoyable experience especially if it’s only for a medium-haul flight.




Meter - JW Phuket



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