The Wing Private Cabana at CX First Class Lounge

One of the most exciting things we always look forward to when transiting in Hong Kong is visiting Cathay Pacific’s First Class lounges. We visited these lounges over the years and it has become one of our world’s favorites in terms of consistent ground experiences.


Today, we’ll share a bit more detail in what it is like to be at the main feature of “The Wing” lounge that sets it apart from any other lounges in the world…


CX’s Private Cabana


If you’re lucky enough to reserve a cabana, you’ll pretty much have the same Miki and Chloe’s reaction below.


CX First Class Private Cabana Wing Suite



Location wise, “The Wing” is conveniently located near Gates 1-4 in HKG. After admittance, you go to the upper floor and turn right pass the sealed off entrance into the First Class lounge.





On a good day, the open terrace design gives a breathtaking panoramic view of the Cathay Pacific planes, landscape, and tarmac. On this visit, the lounge was amazingly empty, which made it feel very private.



amazing view of CX fleet




Before we freshen up in the cabana, we opt to have an early à la carte breakfast at “The Haven” restaurant.


The Haven Restaurant



We love trying all sorts of local Asian dishes along with western brunch classics like Eggs Benedict. This was Chloe’s first visit ever to a CX’s First Class lounge and she gobbled the Dan Dan Noodles like a Dyson vacuum.


Western vs. Eastern


Chloe, “yum! all done”




After a long (but amazing) LAX-HKG flight, a shower is definitely needed — so what better way to freshen up than a waterfall, roof shower, and/or hot bath of your choice in your own private cabana!


Cathay Pacific Private Cabana Room




The cabana room is huuuuuge. Perfect for couples and families.


A must-visit if you’re flying CX First Class




For size comparison, our vanity area is so big that it makes our strollers look like a little prop by the chair.


vanity mirror




On top of that, there are plenty of closet space to put our carry-ons, diaper bags, backpacks, and thermos too.


main closet




PRO TIP – always request an ironing service when you visit. There’s a button you can press in a separate valet closet. Simply put your shirt/dress in the closet and it’ll magically be back by the end your rainfall shower.


This excessive feeling almost reminds me of when we first stepped into the shower in Emirates First Class – over the top, surreal, and YESSSSSSSSSSS….


valet closet ironing service
make it rain
what the cabana shower felt like



After 90+ minutes in this sanctuary, we are fully freshened up and ready to conquer…. LUNCH.


Life is hard eating so much at “The Haven” restaurant again…


Lunch entrees at The Haven



Whether you’re being driven to a plane, escorted into an ultra-exclusive lounge, getting a full body spa treatment, a fancy manicure and/or fine dining with world renowned chefs, a First Class lounge is suppose to give you a sensory overload experience that you’ll remember forever — and the private cabana successfully knocks your senses out of the park.


Better than most 5-star hotel rooms we’ve ever experienced, the cabana is a stellar addition to the wealth of lounges CX has in HKG. Hong Kong is a great city to visit, but dare I say — its airport is one of the reasons why I frequently come back again and again… and again 🙂


Meter - Singapore Airlines




    1. I know right?! Did you try turning all the water function on? When we did, the waterfall gets a little weaker, but I think that is too nitpicking — CX First is out of this world


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