Cathay Pacific First Class Lounges

Attention please. This is a flight update for CX882. The flight is now delayed… 


HKG, Hong Kong International Airport, is one of the busiest airports in Asia. Naturally, there are constant gate changes, delays, and walking… a lot of walking from terminal to terminal. Thus, not the best airport (in my opinion) to transfer as an international hub. Despite that flaw, they have one of the best international airport lounges. Cathay Pacific has FIVE notable lounges to choose from: The Wing, The Bridge, The Cabin, The Pier, and The Arrival.




In short, all five put most lounges in the world to shame. The design, facilities, dining, drinks, amenities, and services goes above & beyond what everyone is used to at an airport. These lounges make you almost happy that your flight is delayed. Almost.

Tired from your long flight? Let’s take a shower. No, let’s take a bath! I’m not a bathtub kind of bear, but it’s such a nice option to see one in a shower suite.


shower suites


No luggages necessary. Toothbrushes, shampoos, lotions, and even slippers are provided to every guest in the First Class lounges.

Body aching from your long flight? How about a complimentary facial. No, how about a complimentary foot massage. No, how about a complimentary neck, shoulder, and scalp massage!


spa check-ins


What sorcery and insanity is this!


spa treatment rooms


After the showers and massages, you have assorted dining options for all types of cuisines. On par with most fine HK restaurants, the selection & spread is amazing. Champagne? Why not pair it with Moët & Chandon Rose. Dessert? Mango sticky rice!




Bon appetit

Diagnosis: Food coma 

Etiology: Too much food

Treatment: Nap room

Yes, there’s a nap room for all passengers. With a view of the tarmac, it is truly an unique experience sleeping at the airport.


nap room | today’s view: Emirates Airline


From their first class lounges to their first class flights, Cathay Pacific is just an all-around amazing airline. Honestly, half the time here, we feel like we’re at a fancy hotel. When a lounge makes you forget you’re at an airport, you know the airline is doing something right.


Attention please. This is a flight update for CX 882. The flight is now boarding. 


No! Can our flight delay some more please? Let’s stay here a little longer.

Zzz… wait. Where are we flying to again?



Meter - W Taipei3

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