The Pier Day Suites at CX First Class Lounge

Cathay Pacific has two stellar First Class lounges in HKG.

  1. “The Wing”, which features the ultra-posh shower cabanas.
  2. “The Pier”, which features the Day Suites in the spa retreat.


Completely renovated couple years ago, “The Pier” is the newest dedicated First Class section at HKG for passengers departing around Gates 65.


escalator down to main entrance




To access the Day Suites, simply turn right after check-in. The suites will be on your left.


CX First Class lounge


check-in for Day Suites and Spa



PRO TIP – always request a massage treatment first. This service gets booked up really fast. If you’re lucky and an appointment is available, the spa receptionist will tell you the time to come back for treatment.



Now for my favorite part of the lounge… the Day Suites!


This area can be a convenient option to rest before your flight. If you’re lucky, you can spot a double-decker 747 parked right in front of your room!


in awe of the view



Seeing Chloe being so amazed was quite the entertainment of its own.


Chloe, “wowwwwwwwww”





Couple years ago, the king Emirates A380 parked right in front of our room. To this day, Paul still raves about how amazing the shower was on this plane.



Emirates A380 — king of the sky




After a nap and #wanderlust plane watching, we head to the spa across from the suites for our foot massage treatment.


spa treatment room




The treatment was only 15 minutes, but it’s better than nothing.


foot massage




If you’re hungry afterwards, you can go to the kitchen to order some a la carte entrees.


The Pier First Class restaurant




And “Rosé All Day” to your heart’s content before your flight.







Like I said before, Cathay Pacific has some of the world’s best First Class lounges. While we prefer the open air feel of “The Wing” and its private cabanas, “The Pier” oozes an intimate residential vibe and gifts the best up-close plane views in your private room.


Plus, its spa service (comfortable, but short) is a nice touch to this already incredible lounge. We always look forward to returning here whenever we transit in HKG.


Hmmm… wonder what plane will be in front of the room then. Look forward to see Chloe in awe again. 


meter image_ANA 




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