Sydney Qantas First Class Lounge

G’day mate. Grrrrr, 6am in the morning… Grrrr….. 7am… Ughs, Monday? This is impossible. I’m not going to get up.

“Chai Bear, it’s time for Qantas First Class Lounge” 

“Wha? Ok ok, I’m up”




Stylistically, this flagship lounge is the super-size version of LAX Qantas First Class Lounge. The lower level entrance itself feels like the size of its sister location in Los Angeles. This place is huge!


lower level entrance


upper level entrance


A meal without wine is breakfast. A breakfast with champagne is brunch! Before our à la carte dining, let’s have a welcome Perrier-Jouët champagne flight. They have an open bar available too.


champagne flight + open bar


Qantas First Class Lounges consistently has the best food (in my palate’s opinion). Most premium lounges in the world present good-looking foods, but they actually don’t taste that good. Presentation, Originality, and Taste – Qantas wins in all categories. 


5-star brunch


Oh god, I’m so full. Food capacity at 100%. Initiate sleep mode…

Let’s up the ante, initiate massage mode! Yes, that’s right. Just like the Etihad First Class Lounge & Spa & Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge, this lounge offers complimentary massages for its passengers.


Aurora Spa check-in


Let’s up the ante again. Unlike Etihad’s male / female rooms, you get your own VIP oversized personal spa suite. Plushy beds, beautiful walls, and awesome amenities = one sleepy happy bear.



Gorgeous Spa Suite



Let’s up the ante again again. Instead of Cathay Pacific’s 15-min complimentary massages, you get 20-25 full minutes of heaven with your choice of aromatherapy, facial, or deep tissue massages! On top of that, your own personal shower in your massage room.




Personal shower & amenities
Before || After



After I finished, I went to the 2nd room to check on Miki. Shhh, she’s currently having a “me-time only moment”. Let’s step out & let her finish her facial beauty.


Miki’s facial masseuse


Remember the feeling of getting out of a spa? That floating bliss. The gentle smile. The slow… walk… out… Where am I? Oh yes. Airport. This is an airport.


It’s noon. Our flight is almost boarding. It’s ok, the plane can wait. Lunch first!


amazing post-spa lunch


Simply put, Sydney’s Qantas First Class Lounge takes the cake. Though this flagship lacks the “grand and glitz” feel of a lounge like Etihad’s First Class, the quality of the food, service, and spa outperforms it in all categories.

This is a bear-tastic lounge. The absolute best in Australia & probably one of the best in the world.



Meter - W Taipei3


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