Thai Airways First Class Lounge & Spa

In order to truly experience First Class, it should always start from the ground.

Whether it is the airline…

  1. Hiring two chauffeurs (in Audi A6s) to pick you up at your hotel
  2. Renting a Porsche 911 4s Cabriolet to drive on the autobahn
  3. Having a separate airport terminal for you
  4. Dining with Aussie’s super chef foods
  5. Teaching you how to properly pair a fine scotch w/ a Cohiba cuban cigar
  6. Or being personally escorted from security to customs to a lounge within a lounge within a lounge


First Class is not just about a luxe flight… it is about the whole passage the moment the day your itinerary starts. Or in Thai Airway’s case, the moment you step into its flagship terminal @ Suvarnabhumi (BKK) Airport.


After check-in, our escort (just like Singapore Airlines in Changi Airport) unnecessarily guides us to the First Class lounge. I mean, we can read the English signage next to the escalators… but I guess the staff wants to make sure we don’t get lost? 😉 



our personal escort (left) & driver (right)



From there, a driver picks us up and drives us to the First Class lounge.

In order to get there, the driver has to take a path that blatantly passes the people in the Business Class lounge. Personally, I think the airline strategically does this to make us feel super baller.

Did it work? Um. You betcha


en route to First Class lounge (passing by Business)




I know we’re not royalty, but it’s good to pretend we are once in awhile…


Hello imaginary minions, let me briefly grace you with our presence




Welcome back your majesty.


main entrance





IMPORTANT TIP: Go straight to the front desk and ask for availabilities for a spa appointment. Why? This is the only airline in the world where their spa treatments are one hour long. I’ll say it once again guys, ONE HOUR LONG. That’s… that’s…. 60 minutes! That’s 3600 seconds! That’s.. that’s… [faint]


So yeah, go to the airport early to make sure you have time to enjoy this generous perk.


spa welcome lounge



The spa feels like it is in its own private sanctuary.


From aromatherapy and oil massages for relaxation to a facial massage that makes your skin glow radiantly or even a foot massage that ensures your legs are prepared for the proper attention of a long flight… get ready for some serious physical pampering.



shower vanity room







After a niiiice long shower, you have option to enjoy your own private hot tub as your masseuse prepares the spa room.



private hot tub



First Class spa excessiveness at its finest.


Thai Airways… you spoil me



I opt for Thai Airway’s signature massage “Touch of Silk” treatment. It’s 60 hypnotic minutes of a full body massage from head to toe using their special aromatherapy oils.


Am I still traveling? Where am I again? Oh yeah I’m at an airport… wait, how is this heaven in an airport?


treatment room


naked robe life selfie




No words to describe this amazing experience…



Million folds better than the airline spas in Sydney, Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, & Hong Kong.






As we exit our spa rooms, our massage therapists prepares one more traditional herbal tea for us…


Can we stay forever in this zen?


First Class spa relaxation area




We reluctantly go back to the lounge… I guess we can dine a little before heading out.



First Class dining area




The restaurant offers iPad menus for those not too familiar with Thai traditional dishes…



iPad menu




Since we’re almost boarding, we decided to opt for a quick bite in the living room instead.


quick bites before departing


living room decorated with pictures of the beloved Thai king




Overall, the obvious highlight of this lounge is its spa. It is easily by far the best spa experience out of all the First Class lounges in the world.


Unlike other airlines where it feels more of a gimmick, this place is a complete spa service that rewards you wholeheartedly in jet-lag healing & rejuvenation.





So come to this airport early and get spoiled w/ Thai Airways. Afterwards, I guarantee you’ll want to stay in Bangkok forever and almost not want to go to your next destination…


Sigh alright, time to board my “mediocre” First Class flight 😉


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