Upgrade Bid Success! Shortcut to Lufthansa Business Class

Lufthansa is one of the airlines that is known to charge price gouging fares for its one-way Business Class. For example, for the month of Oct-Dec almost all dates for LAX-MUC commands $5000-$7000 for this route.

Google price trends even states that prices are currently “typical” for your trip…


During Oktoberfest, the travel demand is at its absolute peak for direct flights to Munich, Germany. So to no surprise, there were no options to redeem miles for Lufthansa First and Business Class. Thus, I opted to pay cash for $700 USD in economy class instead.

Here’s the interesting part, Lufthansa has an upgrade program where you can auction a price to score an upgrade to the next cabin class. I decided to roll the dice and play.

I locked in my bid at $690 USD and here’s what happened 72 hours prior to my flight…

Just when I thought all hope of premium life was lost, I get another email right before check-in. To my surprise…



$700 fare + $690 bid = $1390 for Business Class

Business Class

Cash is king. What a way to score a Business Class seat at a great value price. Check-in at LAX was a breeze with no lines.

In Tom Bradley terminal, Lufthansa Business Class passengers have access to the Star Alliance Business Class lounge.

To celebrate, I decided to “pre-party” with a German beer and martini for the Oktoberfest festivities.

Lufthansa Business Class is a 2x2x2 configuration. The cabin is separated into two sections. 30 Business Class seats in the front behind First Class.

and a mini-cabin of 14 seats in the back.

Since I was planning to mainly just sleep for this flight, I opt for 12A in the smaller cabin for more privacy.

Shortly after take-off, the cabin crew started dinner. The service was warm and friendly.

For a night-cap, I decided to do a wine flight.

Then I laid my seat down into bed mode…

Rolled onto my side like Pikachu….

and slept GLORIOUSLY for 5-6 hours

Overall, Lufthansa Business Class checked the basic necessities. The near six hours of sleep successfully prevented me from jet lag. Right away, my sleep schedule was on German time, which was super important for the high energy Oktoberfest festival.

That being said, Lufthansa Business Class pales in comparison with other airline’s Business Class products. It’s hard to believe anyone will actually pay full price. To anyone reading this, please please please never pay full price for Lufthansa Business Class.

For $690 bucks though… it’s quite an upgrade steal 😉

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