Systemwide upgrade for American Airlines Flagship Business Class

There are certain coveted U.S. routes where American Airlines offer true lie-flat Business Class seats.

  1. JFK-LAX
  2. JFK-MIA
  3. JFK-SFO
  4. JFK-SNA
  5. LAX-MIA
  6. LAX-BOS

Systemwide upgrades for Executive Platinum members rarely clears because demand on the routes are usually quite high. Luck of the draw though… ours got confirmed!

Considering Business can be almost 5x the cost of Main Cabin, it was a pretty big outsized value for the complimentary upgrade.

Flagship Business

Similar to Lufthansa Business, the cabin is in 2×2 configuration where each aisle are designed with two Business seats facing the window.

I selected 6F window bulkhead behind the First Class cabin for more legroom and privacy.

The Bang & Olufsen headphone was superb.

The amenity kit was laughable.

Since it was a morning JFK flight, I chomped down a NY bagel breakfast. It was surprisingly delicious.

Overall, this was an unremarkable but pleasant flight. Nothing stands out, but it checks all the boxes. For domestic flights, it’s much appreciated that true lie-flat Business Class are still offered. It definitely makes the 5-6 hours fly by.

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