I’m Back! Lufthansa A380 First Class

Let me start by sharing a little backend story here. For awhile, MUC-LAX has been the “holy grail” of award availability in Lufthansa’s First Class. The space is quite rare because of the route’s popularity & the cost in mileage is maximized for such a long TransAtlantic flight. So when the opportunity came, it was a no brainer for me to skip my initial plans to re-visit Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal and to reroute my itinerary via Munich instead of Frankfurt to fly this plane.


And as a bonus, get a baby rubber ducky on the way 😉 


Lufthansa First Class Lounge “rubber ducky” in Munich



Limo Service check-in



Even though there was an amazing limo arrival service to Lufthansa’s Munich lounge, there was no escort service offered from the lounge to your next plane. Consequently, the experience didn’t feel as seamless as Frankfurt’s, but it was a great excuse to explore the airport for a bit on the way to the plane.


MUC international airport



After passing some duty free shops, I opt to board early to checkout the double decker plane! The First Class cabin is located on the upper deck by the flight of stairs on front of the plane.



Lufthansa A380 double-decker entrance




Per usual, Paul selected 1K for his seat on the right side of the plane.



Seat 1K



Here’s the rest of the cabin from 1K’s perspective.


Seat 1K perspective




For me, I opt for 1G in the middle just in case I successfully find a hot date to sit next to me for the next 11 hours of this flight 😉


Seat 1G


First Class cabin




After the captain, manager, and flight attendants introduced themselves, they offered us some fancy Rose for its welcome champagne.


It’s a rare 2004 Laurent-Perrier “Cuvée Alexandra” Brut Rosé Champagne that usually retails $300+ per bottle.


amazing Rose




The amenity kit is an interesting hard case that includes a watch holder and La Prairie cosmetics.


amenity kit




I wasn’t too hungry on this flight, but it be rude (and dumb) to turn down caviar !


fancy caviar 3x



We opt to pair the caviar with a wine from France too..


wine all day



A notable difference between this flight and our previous Lufthansa’s A330 First Class flight was the size of the restroom. Because of the plane’s ridiculous double-decker size, its real estate is enormous and it shows when we’re in the restroom changing into our pajamas for the night.


enormous restroom



After our bed was made, I decided to pass out early for the rest of the flight.


good night




while Paul has more wine flight…


wine all night




Overall, Lufthansa’s First Class won’t wow you like some other airlines, but something about it makes it my favorite way to travel to/from Europe. The experience consistently exceeds my expectations and the incredible ground experiences in Germany with its Mercedes and Porsches makes it incredibly celebrity-status-feel fun.


Everyone should try this airline once.


meter image_ANA



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