LAX Star Alliance Lounge

Star Alliance’s Entrance


“Tip the world over and everything loose will land in Los Angeles” is the theme of LAX’s Star Alliance lounge. Los Angeles is a city that welcomes everyone from all parts of the world. Its open culture & carefree spirit is the foundation of what makes the city awesome and attractive. Creatively, the design of this lounge successfully reflects this personality.




Compared to LAX Qantas First Class Lounge, this place feels massive. As you enter, there are plenty of oversized seats for work and relaxation. At over 18,000 square feet, there can be over a hundred people and the lounge will still feel empty!

It’s like an open-ended maze room. Each turn has its own surprises for all the Star Alliance LA guests.


Indoor Bar


As the welcome champagne pours, feel free to check out another bar in the balcony area. It offers fantastic views of the LAX terminal.


Balcony Bar


Since time was limited, I didn’t even notice the lounge’s rooftop bar! (#fail)  Apparently, it offers an unique view of the airport’s tarmac. Imagine your flight around sunset… probably an awesome view! Word of advice, always always always come to the airport early. That way, you can enjoy every corner of it!


Gorgeous balcony views

Overall, this is another spectacular lounge. Although it lacks personal service, this place makes up for it with its open space, creative modern designs, and amenities. Don’t you want to nominate this place for an award?

No worries, Skytrax already beat us to it.


Skytrax 2015 Best Alliance Lounge in the World Winner


I’ll revisit this place soon to check out the roof top lounge. Next time, I’ll listen to Transportation Security Administration’s advice to arrive three hours before international travel. Not to catch a flight… but to enjoy a beartastic lounge. 



Meter - Equinox


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