Make Bentley your Destination

Like many of you readers know, I’m an avid believer that life is not just getting from Point A to Point B. Since the day I first stepped onto the plane’s suite life, I’ve always knew that this succulent enjoyments in life should be translated (if possible) in every mode of transportation ― including cars!

Unlike airlines, cars like Rolls Royces, Porsches, or Bentleys have no magical points redemption… no shortcuts…. only possible via cold hard cash 😦 Once in awhile though, we’re fortunate enough to get invited to some really fun events curated from these companies.

Here are some noteworthy mentions…..

1) Porsche Bentley Party (2015)

2. Porsche Classic Party (2017)

3. Porsche After-Hours Scotch Party (2018)

Bentleys is what I call a statement car. Like the Rolls, it’s a baller ride that’s suited for an ultra-luxe First Class experience for the passenger. Personally, I’ve never been in the driver’s seat of this beast, so when our local Bentley dealership invited us to an event where we get to borrow one of their cars to drive around… the answer is always an resounding



After RSVP, we chose the car we wanted. Personally, we wanted to try out the New Flying Spur V8 since we haven’t been in this specific sedan before. Fun fact, this sedan is the fastest production 4-door beast ever produced in the world.

This event was hosted at the Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach (previously the St. Regis). After check-in, the host gave us the keys to the kingdom to drive anywherrrrre we want. To practice safe “social distancing”, we got the entire Bentley to OURSELVES.

Miki of course decided to turn Paul into an Uber driver and opted to sit in the back…

The passengers in the back have their own mini tablet to control the WHOLE car.

Music… ambient lighting… A/C… seats…. screen blinds…. even the “flying B” in the front of the car… even MASSAGE chairs…. you name it, this screen can control it all.

Miki can’t have all the fun… let’s park somewhere so Paul can take some “candid” pictures too….

After the Pacific Coast Highway drive, we sadly returned the car… at least there’s a Bentley champagne bar to drink away our sorrows…

Like a First Class flight, the Bentley Destination Experience felt way too short. This is our first “social” corporate event we attended since the global pandemic and it is so exciting to see the world finally opening up again.

Anyone have 250,000 USD I can borrow (have)? Thanks 😉

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