Extraordinary rare… JAL Private Business Charter to Tokyo

The global pandemic has unprecedentedly disrupted the travel industry. From a consumer perspective, we have to constantly adapt to the ever changing landscape in travel. Since we were flying with a child, we decided on specific planes to fly as privately as possible. To our luck, we successfully had the entire First Class NRT-LAX cabin!

What was not expected though… was a private charter for BKK-NRT in JAL Business!

the “X” seats turned out to be only blocked out seats

The ENTIRE (30 Seats) Business Cabin was empty

Private Charter to Tokyo!

Daddy was super ecstatic and relief that Chloe would have ample amount of privacy to move. For those that have kids, you know how hard it is to have a 2-year old toddler sit still!

To give you an idea of just how surreal and extraordinary rare this is… here’s a short video in what an empty (30 passenger) business cabin is like for Chloe to roam around.

And the bentos in Japan Airlines is always spot on. Almost feels like First Class! Mommy was very happy eating…

while Chloe explores all the windows in JAL Business Class

Overall, this 6 hour intra-Asia flight was the most awesome to date. The privacy was insane! Flight attendants alone outnumbered the amount of passengers on the plane!

Of course, this flight was extraordinary rare and probably won’t ever happen again.

Thankful for Japan Airlines to still fly this route despite only us on board… a million arigato

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